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GoodBye Luna

GoodBye Luna

We said goodbye to Luna last Friday and it has taken a bit more of a toll on our emotions than the Old Man and I thought. That isn’t really fair, I knew I would be emotional, but I am always emotional but the Old Man was shocked by his emotions of loss and sadness to see her go. I think being in India while the handoff was taking place may have added to some of that emotion.

It is now secret that Luna has been “for sale” for over a year now, but after a while you start to realize that you are ok with it not selling quickly and you start to figure it will never sell so there is no need to process she may one day be gone. A good lesson in enjoy what you have while you have it.

When we decided to move back to Boston the Old Man and I decided we would ship the other cars and drive Luna up to Boston. Our thoughts being it would give us one last glimpse of life on the road full time. Plus the Old Man got to use the answer “everywhere and nowhere” to the question where are you from when traveling to Germany and back. We also had the chance to explore some Civil War battlefields in the process and check off some items from the Old Man’s bucket list.  

Being the responsible Old Man that he is the Old Man also made sure to change Luna’s location to the Boston area for the RV site selling Luna and he did this before we left for our trip hoping to have one less thing to do when we arrived in Boston.

We left Dallas later than expected, but after a nice and relaxing morning we hit the road and headed to our first battle field.  Before soaking up the history we decided to stop for lunch at our last Whataburger, it was here were we tempted fate and lost. We talked about how much we missed the road and the feeling of being in Luna with all her possibilities.


We talked about how much we loved being in the van and that even work couldn’t shake the relaxed feeling we had when living in the van. The unencumbered world is our oyster feeling we had while in Luna.  We had briefly discussed keeping Luna in Dallas but never really committed, I think we figured she would never sell so why really commit to it. Here in this Mississippi Whataburger we decided that we were going to keep her and just use her for long weekends and when the Old Man’s company got a bit further out of the start up phase maybe travel for a few weeks to a certain places to work and vacation all at the same time. It was a great idea, we were both so happy a weight seem to lift from our shoulders and we headed off on the road with a renewed sense of ourselves.

Fast forward 36 hours to another lunch stop in a Publix in Georgia when the Old Man gets a call about an offer on Luna. We discuss it briefly counter, and go about our day, we have been here before and we assume that they won’t accept the counter.

Twenty minutes later the Old Man phone is ringing like crazy and as it is his turn to drive he can’t answer it. After the third call from the RV dealer he answers via bluetooth and we both get to hear that the offer was accepted but while out for the counter another offer has come in.  What do you want to do?

Now that was the big question! We told the agent we would call back in a few minutes so we could discuss it, I think the reality was were in shock and didn’t know how to process what was happening. We were on the interstate into Atlanta in Luna and someone wanted to buy her, take her from us, after what seemed like a few short hours ago when we decided we were keeping her.

After a good ten minutes of back and forth we had our answer and it was time to call the dealer back. Still in a bit of shock we laughed at the irony of all of it and still not really believing any of it is happening.  A few more calls later and one pull off on a random exit the deal is done and Luna is sold ( to the first offer).

Rushing a bit to get to our destination on time for dinner both the Old Man and I put all of this in a neat little box in the back of our brain. We even discussed not telling our family when we arrived at their house figuring we would jinx it or that if we told them then we would have to explain yet again why the deal didn’t go through. But I have a big mouth and maybe I wanted to jinx it a bit so I told. We all got a big laugh.

We spent the whole rest of our road trip commenting on how this would be our last of everything that involved Luna. We even made a pack to make sure we would take up car camping in the Tesla for long weekends to keep our adventurous side.

After a few delays on both sides it was time for the couple who bought Luna to fly up and drive her home. With the Old Man in India it was up to me to give the tour and send her on her way. The couple who bought her are awesome and their excitement to get her and use her made passing her off to her new life easier.

I won’t lie I did hug her before they drove away, and of course took a few pictures and video. The Old Man delayed sleep until he received the video of her leaving Heard street and us.

The Old Man spent a lot of time asking me why he was so upset by this, he isn’t very emotional as those who know him know, and all I could offer was that Luna physically represented something in each of us that we were afraid we would lose once she was gone. We are no longer van people and that is a very hard pill to swallow.

Life is all about moving forward and change, this is just one of those times where the change will look better in hindsight. The Old Man and I have vowed to maintain our adventurous selves and take on the challenge of #telsacamping. I am hoping friends and family will keep us honest with this pledge, hence me writing it here on the blog for all them to read and harass us.  

Now if you will excuse me I am going to cry into my tea (damn diet) and search car camping spots for the summer.

For all of those that followed us and Luna on our escapades thank you, and I hope that wherever you are you have a drink for Luna and all the great new things she will get to experience.