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The time has come to say goodbye to Dallas, the Case Building, and Deep Ellum, and this is a very very sad time. This time last year if you would have said I would be sad to leave Dallas I would have told you to put down the crack pipe and go to your room and think about what you just said, but time has a funny way of changing you.

I will admit (and the Old Man will continue to repeat) that when I learned we would be leaving the warm and sunny Tampa for Dallas for the Old Man’s new job that I was not happy or excited. To my point having grown up in Houston, Dallas was always kind of ick, much like if you went to FSU, that UF is ick, but I had also visited my mother and step-dad there as a teenager a few times while they lived there and I was very unimpressed. Fact that I was a teenager and nothing impressed me and the fact that that was almost 30 years ago never crossed my mind, Dallas was hell!

Then we moved, we found the residents of the Case Building and Deep Ellum and were smitten. Not sure I could have stayed in Dallas forever or even past the three years we discussed because of its geographical location not being near oceans or gulfs but I wasn’t quite ready to leave after only 7 months.  As many of you already know our apartment building had its own bar open Thur-Sun and it is the most genius idea apartment building can do. We met so many of our neighbors, we got see more of them than just in the hall or in the dog park. We got to know them add in the apartment WhatsApp group and we were all downright Mrs. Kravitz’ in each others lives, but we also looked out for each, got rid of stuff we didn’t need, got stuff we did needed, and when locked out we got in the building without any hassle.

I will miss Dallas and its giant selection of good places to eat and drink, I will the Case Building and all the people I got to know while having a few cocktails and great conversations, I will miss Deep Ellum for the eclectic feel, the diverse people, and most of all the good food and music (and music history). But I guess life must move on and the Old Man has a new job and new mission and that mission is starting in Boston so back to the Great White North we go………


…..but first we are going to have a bit of fun getting from Dallas to Boston by way of Luna.  Getting out of Dallas later than planned we were happy that we decided for our first night on the road we would stop at a KOA in Shreveport, LA only a three hour drive and KOA are always a safe bet to be clean, have a dog park, and we need to fill up on water and delete a bit of our black tank’s contents. After what seemed like thirty hours instead of three we drove into our spot, walked to the dogs quickly, and fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

The next morning we enjoyed a bit of free coffee, I organized the van after just throwing everything in the day before, while Sam enjoyed the leftovers of our last good Tex-Mex. We were about to set up the water and sewer hose when we noticed a geyser of water and a man running towards the office. Seemed an RVer was in a bit of hurry to hit the road and forgot to disconnect their water hoses. So the water in the park was shut off for an hour, which delayed our get away, but made for a much more relaxing approach to the morning.

With the water restored one tank dumped and one tanked filled we headed off to our next adventure the town of Vicksburg and the Vicksburg Military National Park.  The Old Man had decided that this trip was going to be his Civil War Battle tour of the US. Seeing as I had no better alternative idea we are going to be seeing a lot of Civil War battlefields and forts. (hold me down). First stop Vicksburg MS for the Battle of Vicksburg which both the Old Man and I were lacking in knowledge so he downloaded a short book on the war so we could remember our history or in some cases learn history. Vicksburg while not highlighted in my history classes was actually a major win for the Union as it cut off the the Confederate supply route of the Mississippi River.

Vicksburg was pretty neat, it is a driving tour along the battle lines so you start on Union Road aka the Union side and follow that all the way around to Confederate Road aka the Confederate side. It is truly amazing how close the two lines are.


It was nice to see a monument dedicated to the newly freed slaves who joined the Union army for freedom and then to fight for that freedom against their oppressors. These men, as per the Park Ranger, were the inspiration for the movie Glory with Denzel Washington.  The highlight of the park however, at least for the Old Man, was the relic of an actual Iron Clad ship sunk in the Yazoo River during the war. It has some restoration to make it able to withstand all the nerdy history gawker but just too see it and the torpedo hole in person was amazing and made the Old Man down right giddy.

With daylight fading and the park getting close to closing we zoomed around the back half the park but not so fast that we didn’t get pictures of all the monuments of the states we have lived in that were represented at the battle of Vicksburg.  After finding the Florida monument outside of the park we headed off a wee bit past Jackson MS to our wooded camping space were the dogs enjoyed some free reign and the Old Man and myself enjoyed some lightning bugs and stars along with our adult beverages.

After being awoken by the Rangers headlights at 05:30 we decided we should just hit the road and make our way to Atlanta so we're sure to make it on time for appetizers before a home cooked steak meal at some family friends.  We will be there for a few days so that The Old Man can catch a plane for Germany.

I have missed being on the road and this trip is reminding me why, but that is a good thing because in order to enjoy something to the fullest I think you need to miss it every now and then. This week had a few plan changes with The Old Man off to Germany, but we will still be hitting a few Civil War Battlefields, just thankfully not as many as before!



Whirlwind Mom Tour.

Whirlwind Mom Tour.