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Whirlwind Mom Tour.

Whirlwind Mom Tour.


With our days numbered in Dallas my mom came to for a birthday visit. The trip had been planned before our decision to leave the great state of Texas, but at least mom got to come and visit our current hometown. The best part of someone coming to visit is you get to play tourist in your own town which is a blessing and a curse, but in our case it was a blessing because we got to check a few things off our Dallas bucket list as well as show mom a good time.

Our first stop on the Mom does Dallas tour was the 6th Floor Museum. I had visited it with the Old Man way back in May when we came to visit and find a place to live, but because of the massive summer holiday crowd and my tiny bladder I didn’t get to enjoy the full tour.  This time,however, thanks to it being mid afternoon on a week day and planning my bathroom breaks better, I was able to enjoy the whole museum and see a ton of stuff I missed the first time around. If you are in Dallas you should find time to hit the 6th Floor museum, it is well done, and if you are like the Old Man it may make a conspiracy theorist out of you just on the shear volume of them they expose you too.

After winning our apartment’s bar trivia night it was time for our big day of touring the AT&T Stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys (bleck) and the Disney World of football stadiums. I have never done a stadium tour before and had no idea what to expect, but our hour and forty-five minute tour was enlightening, and it was fun to be in the stadium while it was empty and getting ready for rodeo. It was even a bit of thrill to stand in the owners perch and see how Jerry Jones watches the games. I think I will stick to the stands where all the people are, but the view is amazing and I am guessing the drinks are free.

With our minds filled with footballs and the various ways you can put them in a design of building it was time to hop in the Jeep and head down to Waco to visit the one and only Magnolia at the Silos. My original plan was to do the stadium tour on Saturday and have a full day in Waco on Friday, but alas stadium tours are not offered on Saturday or Sunday. So it was a rushed trip to Waco, but the I was happy to check this Dallas Bucket List item off and the Old Man was glad mom was here to go with me so he didn’t have too.

Let me start by saying I am fan of Fixer Upper and even of Chip and Joanna, not sure I am obsessed as many people, but I like her style and he reminds me a bit of the Old Man with way more handy building skills. Again the theme of the day for me was not knowing what to expect, mom of course checked things out before arriving so she had a bit more knowledge when we walked up to the Silos. Our first sight was a line around the Silo’s Bakery building which was longer by the time we left a few hours later. The Silos are quite the place, you can shop, you play with your kids on astroturf with supersized lawn toys and you can eat at one of the many food trucks.  Hint there is a Silo Bakery Airstream food truck, stop there if you just need a cupcake or two. Same yummy line waiting goodness, less line.


Mom and I spent the first few minutes getting our bearings and reveling in the fact that while it was a Friday at 2:30pm the place was packed, we even made it over an hour before we were one of the many carrying around Magnolia bags. Sadly it was an odd time to visit this home decor destination, as mom is selling her house and planning on being a nomad for at least the next few months if not longer (see I come by it honestly) and I am preparing for our move back to Boston and New England weather. We saw so many fun things that would look great here or there, but sadly (well maybe not sad, but you know what I mean) here or there will not be around for much longer.


Having got a late start we were a bit rushed, but we made it to Little Shop on Bosque, which is all the clearance items and quite the fun place to shop for some great deals. The day getting late and our wallets lighter it was time for the long drive back to Dallas. I really wish I would have booked an earlier tour so we would have had more time in the town of Waco outside of Magnolia it looked like a fun little town to bum around for a few hours. Oh well maybe some other time.

The rest of the weekend flew by with a trip to the Dallas Farmers Market, a birthday trip the Perot Museum for The Art of The Brick exhibit, which as a Lego fan you know was the best birthday present that a girl could have. Seeing all that creativity with Legos made me a little sad I gave up on my mini-figures photography, maybe I should bring it back in some form. We finished off my birthday with dinner at Cafe Pacific for Sam’s bucket list item of a good steak, my birthday steak, and for mom to reminisce about trips there with my dad. I think we all got what we needed and then some seeing as we left with a doggie bag.

Overall I think the weekend was a success, it could have been warmer and sunnier, but fun was had by all and we entertained mom and got a few items checked off our Dallas bucket list. Not sure what fun will be had next hoping we have some more Dallas fun before we head out at the end of the month.

I encourage you to make a bucket list for your own town, even if you aren’t moving. You would be amazed at all the things you have yet to do in your town that you thought you would when you moved there, or grew up enough to go and do them. And for heaven sakes if you near a beach and the weather permits please go and send me a picture on Instagram!  




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