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A Miffed Luna Heads to Marfa

A Miffed Luna Heads to Marfa


Coming home from the road at the end of 2017 was a bit sad, ok a lot sad, but it worked out that the Old Man and I were home in Tampa in 2018 when we really needed to be. Because of that fact I never regretted us deciding to stay and be “normal” again.  Knowing we were going to be stationary home people again we decided that we would put Luna up for sale so she could hit the road with another crazy family.

Fast forward a year and Luna is still for sale and has sadly been sitting in a storage place going nowhere fun.  We had one close call, but they backed out. I blamed the Old Man for that because he was complaining that he wanted one last trip in Luna before she was sold and the Universe said ok I will wait. Life has finally allowed us some time to get in that one last trip(or is it?).  

One of the places we missed on our adventures in 2017 was the Big Bend National Park with a Bortle rating of 0, which is a good thing.  We decided that last weekend would be a good time to take a couple days off from work and take a long weekend to head down that way and check it out and maybe see some aliens and if not  aliens just a whole lot of stars.

After a few early morning calls we backed Luna out of her storage spot and hit the road. It was an amazing feeling to finally be on the road again and both the Old Man and I could feel some of the weight lift off our shoulders and a bit of coolness factor return.

Before hitting Big Bend Ranch State Park (same dark sky, but dog friendly), I wanted to scope out Marfa, Texas to see what the fuss is all about. The beauty of driving to “the other side of nowhere” is there isn’t a lot of traffic so the drive was going pretty smooth for a couple of hours until it wasn’t.  Luna having sat for a quite a long time and us not being able to get her in to the shop for a once over before we left meant Luna was a bit angry and displayed her engine light.


We pulled over, the Old Man called around to see if anyone in the not quite middle of nowhere could look Luna over.  We were left with one place in Abline who told us he had a fifty-fifty shot of being able to read her electronics software. We double backed 30 miles to find Abilene Diesel Injection Service , which thankfully could read our software and figure out that nothing was really wrong the software was just a bit angry of being left alone for so long. Fixed we were back on the road saying a few prayers that all was really well and we would make our trip and our way back home.

Back on the road we continued our on way to Marfa. With a late start and an hour delay for an angry Luna we hit Marfa around sunset and starving. We pulled up to the The Lost Horse Saloon which sadly was renovating their kitchen so no food, but we did manage a few beers. The bartender was friendly and suggested two good spots to go and welcomed us to come back to listen to the live music and sleep in the parking lot.

We ended up at the Mexican restaurant Mando’s recommend by the bartender and enjoyed a good meal. The temperature for the evening was going to get down to 22-20F and we decided that we needed to find an RV park so we could plug in and use our heater.

Thankfully one of the RV parks in Marfa had a spot open and we were able to stay warm and not let us or our pipes freeze.

While walking the dogs in the darkness I was amazed at the stars. I tried to get the Old Man out to check them out, but he was too tired and said it was too cold to do anything but lay under the covers. I agreed it was cold, but the stars were just so amazing I couldn’t stand it so I suffered a bit of cold while I just stared in amazement at how many stars we never see thanks to light pollution.  


The next morning I woke up early thanks to Jayne and her internal clock, although she did let me sleep in an hour isn’t she nice? The good news for being up early was being able to watch the sunrise over the mountains and town.  

After forcing the Old Man out of bed we made our way to Buns and Roses for some coffee and to our surprise a real breakfast. If you go order a pastry and enjoy every single calorie.  

After breakfast it was time to hit the highway, check off a few items from list and make our way down to the state park to check in, hike and then stare at the sky.

HWY 90 Bucket List Done

HWY 90 Bucket List Done

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