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Look What I Found...

Look What I Found...

A while back when I was thinking about starting up on the blog again and visit my hobby of writing I started a 30 day challenge of writing every day. Not sure any of it is any good, but it got the juices flowing and well look here I am back on the internet writing away. Recently I went back to those words to see if I could find anything worth pursuing. I found a few things, but the following is one I was impressed with.

We lived in a van for 10 months, we worked from that van for 10 months and yet I still wouldn’t say we were “vanlifers”.  I loved living in the van, I loved traveling around and seeing different parts of America. I even didn’t mind putting in a full day on my computer if it meant I got to do that staring a great view or just in a coffee shop in a new town.  I do wish we could have not worked for that amount of time, and in hindsight we probably could have gotten away with taking that time off full time, but I am not sure I would have never wanted to go back to the “real world” and I know Sam would have probably started to really get annoyed not contributing to society on a bigger stage.   

I don’t say that thinking that those who live in a van or any other lifestyle not the usual 9-5 trying to make it rich American dream a lot of us grew up being told we wanted, don’t make a contribution to society. I actually think they make a huge one showing the rest of us that living our way is just ok.  But the Old Man isn’t that type of person he wants to make big changes and achieve big things that require a bit more stationary life than living on the road and a lot more time near cities with decent internet and wifi.

I know a lot of people ask me about our life for that 10 months and many our envious. For the record a lot still think we are crazy and don’t see the thrill, which is ok by me.  Some people even suggest I should write a book about that time, and well that sounds all great and good and as I get further and further away from that time I see some value in writing my thoughts, but I don’t see the value in writing a book on it.  I feel I can share my thoughts, experiences, and insights just as easy on a blog and not have to make the commitment to write another book. Maybe I am just lazy, maybe I could write a short story type of book about that time. Ten short stories for 10 months, but again seems like I do more with a blog and maybe even reach more people.

My goal is some road stories, some creative story ideas, and maybe a bit of just venting about life or free thinking about stupid stuff that plagues me on my runs or alone time.  Before we left in the van most of my stories were based on running away and living on the road, maybe now I can come up with different ideas, maybe still running away, but just to a new town, new job, or new lifestyle.  I have been reading a lot of books about librarians and book shop owners, maybe that is a sign.

I was thinking of the Luna book idea and again can’t see writing a full on book, but maybe a few blogs or short stories about stuff I learned.  One of my favorite things is hearing people’s stories. I love to here how they got somewhere, what their childhood was like, or how they got together with their person.  I heard a lot of these stories on the road, but it seemed to me the best place to gather them was the local laundromat. I am slowly losing some of the “smaller stories, but I remember one or two of the bigger ones. Bars are good places for stories as well, but sadly I drink a lot so many of those are fuzzy.

Mostly what I am impressed by is the idea of telling some of the stories and peak into other peoples lives that living on the road allowed me too. With Luna up for sale, I think it will be fun to remember these stories and the good times we had on the road.

Anyone think this is a good idea, assuming I can remember more than the two I know I remember?

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