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Reboot 2019

Reboot 2019

HEEELLLLLOOOOOO internet, it is has been a long time since I have seen you or you me. That maybe a bit of a lie, I have visited the internet for work, shopping, and some time wasting “entertainment”.  It, however, has been a long time since I have written or shared my thoughts with the internet. I am guessing that any of those of you who who tuned in for information on where we were in 2017 gave up in 2018.  I don’t blame you, we were pretty much in the same place for most of the year and with nothing new to read about why would you stay. I am now here trying to find my mojo again.

2018 was a year I can only describe as bipolar. Like so many things in life it wasn’t all bad or all good, but the high were manic high and the lows were devastating low.  That is all behind me now and in attempt to make the most of 2019, I have decided to bring back the Riskyspy blog with a little bit of a twist. Not only will readers be delighted with my travel post, but I am including some short stories and life rambles for your entertainment.

Last year for my 45th the Old Man surprised me with a trip to Argentina to walk on an island with real life wild penguins!!!!!!! It was as amazing as it sounds and I was sad that I couldn’t build a little hut and hide on the island of penguins. The trip was truly a trip of a lifetime and would recommend to anyone, which reminded the Old Man and I that we needed to start exploring the world now that we have ventured a wee bit around the United States.

I will say this about 2018, it showed me how strong I am, it also showed me that even when things are bad I have a great family both blood and non-blood related. You never know who your true friends are until they have to hold you up and help you walk down the road of life.

I spent so much of 2018 wishing it over and just trying to survive. It is over and I survived, now it is time to take on 2019 hopefully in a much more balanced way.  

Here is to 2019 and all the cool places it will take all of us! Onward and upwards everyone!

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Diamond 50 Hawaii

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