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Holodeck to the American Revolution.

Holodeck to the American Revolution.


The best part of weekends is the slow start to the day and finding cool breakfast places. The Old Man in search for some coffee and breakfast found Hardware Cafe in Fair Haven, NY. Apparently Fair Haven is a place on the holodeck in Star Trek Voyager so our (read The Old Man’s) nerdy sides said this must be where we eat.

Nerdy reasons or not Hardware Cafe was amazing they had great food and amazing coffee, well amazing maybe a strong word for coffee lovers, but it was good. The town of Fair Haven is small as you would expect, but quite lively at least on Saturday mornings. We sat in a window seat and enjoyed our breakfast as we people and puppy watched.  

After breakfast we headed to Albany and a cigar bar so the Old Man could get a bit of work

done. We ended up driving way longer than expected because of our Fair Haven detour (totally worth it) and avoiding tolls so while it was took forever, the view was pretty. Once we got to the cigar bar we were so exhausted we just smoked a cigar and obsessed about Hurricane Irma. Watching a hurricane barrel down on your hometown and family and friends while you are not there is frustrating. We discussed changing our plans and heading back to Florida so we could help out, but we also know that hurricanes can change with one wobble so we held off until Irma decided to finally make landfall and we saw where the chips would fall.

When scoping out free camping spots sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, our free and what looked like a cool camp spot was taken over by the Tub Boat Rally so we had to quickly think on our feet to find a new spot. Which was harder than expected. In most cases if we run out of of free and easy options we just try and find a cheap campground and pay. We hate to pay a campground for just sleeping, but sometimes you have too.  Seeing as we were in the Adirondacks none of the camping was cheap and thankfully we found a truck stop that we could park at.

Apparently our truck stop had a highly rated restaurant so we ate comfort food and obessed more about Irma. Everywhere we went the TV had Irma, we tried hard to stop obsessing, but it didn’t work. At least by then we knew Tampa was going to be fine and we figured we would only go down if anyone needed some help cleaning up. The irony of the whole situation was if we were there we wouldn’t have thought as much about the hurricane as we did being so far away.

The next morning we grabbed some truck stop coffee and headed out to our personal tour of Saratoga battlefield. Saratoga was on the Old Man’s bucket list for this trip so we indulged a little and got a tour guide. It turned out to be a personal tour because no one else signed up for the tour.


John was great. He was dressed in costume and was a wealth of knowledge. He was a behaviorist before retiring and so he offered some insights into the “characters” of the battle and how they behaved verses how history said it went down.  Four hours with John and I know way more than I ever wanted to know about the battle at Saratoga, but the Old Man was super excited and got to bat around ideas with someone who really cared (aka not me) about events during this time in the war.  It was well worth the price.

Statue in honor Benedict Arnold.  

Statue in honor Benedict Arnold.  

Next up Burlington VT to a Packers bar to watch the game (no Bucs football for me, thanks Irma).  After Burlington we are off to MAINE!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait.  

Burlington to Bar Harbour.

Rock N Roll, Wings, And Falls

Rock N Roll, Wings, And Falls