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Cheesy End to Summer

Luna in the wild.

Luna in the wild.

After a quick spin through Iowa and a night at a pretty cool state park we headed onto Minneapolis, MN to see my dad’s birthplace and check off the Mall of America.  The Old Man drove while I worked and we made our way to the Twin Cities.

The further east we go the bigger Luna seems to get and the more we miss the less populated states of the west and midwest.  UHG so much traffic and we aren’t even on the east coast yet. Boo!

It is a mall with a roller coaster inside, but still just a mall.

It is a mall with a roller coaster inside, but still just a mall.

The Old Man found a barber to get his few hairs cut and his out of control beard under control before seeing his grandparents. The dogs and I hung out in the van on a side street me working and them napping, they really need to get jobs lazy little buggers.  The road has been rough for the pups with all of our driving they have spent more time in the van than out of it and I think they are going a bit stir crazy. With some time on our hands after the work day end we found Minnehaha Off-leash Dog Park and what a dog park. 6.6 acres of open running and a river and so much mud. We knew we were in muddy trouble when all the dogs we saw leaving as we arrived were wet muddy and worn out.  

Simon and Jayne had a blast and in true pup form they both found a huge mud puddle and just rolled around in it. They were in hog heaven and I was laughing and crying at the mess we would have to clean upon leaving.  Thankfully not too far past the mud puddle was the river where Simon made himself at home  and washed off most of the stubborn mud all while playing with no longer white husky.  The best part was the Old Man and I got some walking in ourselves which was desperately needed after all the driving and van sitting we have been doing.

An hour or so in and it was time to head back, thankful for our outside shower, the dogs got hosed down and were once again mud free.  The dogs worn out and fed we headed over to Mall of America. Neither the Old Man and I are big fans of malls, but it seemed like something we had to do while in Minneapolis. What can I say about the Mall of America, it is big, it is a mall, it has roller coasters inside.  We chowed down on some Mexican food, walked a bit of the mall and decided to head to our home for the night exhausted from the day.

We woke up early in the lovely Cabela's parking lot (man I have really grown to love Cabela's) filled up on free water (washing dogs consumes a lot of water) and we headed on our way to Mequon, WI for a family adventure. Since we were hanging out with the grandparents we decided on “camping” in a La Quinta so we could have proper showers and look presentable at dinner.  Plus it gives the dogs some room and time to catch up on their NCIS and Harry Potter Movies.

I love The Old Man’s grandparents, I don’t have any of my own anymore so I adopted them, and well they are just the best. They seemed super excited to see The Old Man and they even liked Luna with Grandpa telling us he was jealous.  We offered to kidnap him, but he declined to be fair they have a good gig where they live. The best part of grandparents is they eat and sleep the same hours as the Old Man and I so we were never home later than nine at night.

Finally it was time to escape the city and head up to Lambeau for a pre-season Packer’s game. The Old Man stoked, we had our parking pass, dog boarding reservation and we were set. Dropped the dogs off at the most amazing dog daycare/boarding I have seen (Poochies and Mutts). The place had a rock climb, pool, and live streaming web so the Old Man and I could check on them while we tailgated.

Sam Packer's car

We of course got to our parking spot as soon as we could after a quick stop at the store to refill on beer and Packer’s Wine.  We were spending the night in that spot which while parking lots are boring staying right next to Lambeau was too exciting to pass up. Sam’s mom and her husband joined us (thank you for the tickets) and we had a grand time eating brats, drinking beer, and getting ready.  

I won’t go into how much we spent at the pro shop, but the 3 story high Lombardi trophy was pretty cool. Lambeau is an amazing stadium I compare it to Wrigley and Fenway. It is small and every seat seems to be a good seat. The Packer’s fans are amazing Pre Season with 4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and the stands were 90% full. I would never see that at Ray Jay.  

The next morning I got to run around Lambeau and Green Bay it was soo cool. This is when I took all my pictures as their were very few people milling around. I like to think I saw Aaron Rodgers on his way into the stadium in the AM, but the reality is a I saw a car driving in which was most likely a coach or stadium employee.  We picked up the dogs, brought them back to the stadium for their mandatory pictures and then headed back down to Milwaukee so the Old Man could get to a co-working space for a podcast.  

Work done we headed back to our hotel with a quickness to get ready for dinner with the grandparents.  I had some great runs in Wisconsin and was thankful for the fairly flat terrain. It was also fun to randomly run upon a beer gardens in the park.

The whole time we were in Wisconsin all we did was eat and drink. Granted all that eating and drinking was coupled with catching up on family so I don’t think the calories counted. I really don’t think the brownies Grandma made the Old Man for an early birthday present had any calories at all, but man there were good.  

Family visited it was time to head out of Wisconsin and off to meet up with some of the Old Man’s old Hubspot clients now friends and hang out with them for the holiday weekend. So long Wisconsin hello MIchigan.  I finally get to see Kalamazoo Michigan party!

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