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Luna Lessons: Things That Make You Say HMMMMM

Luna In The Wild

It has been awhile since I have written down any lesson from Luna, not that there have are not been any. Just some of them were tough lessons and who wants to write those down. With Fall fast approaching the Old Man is headed into his busy season and we will be driving way more than exploring once again.  

But the time has come to write down some of Luna’s most recent lessons so that I can go back and make sure I have learned from them.

Luna Lessons:

  1. Laundromats are the best place to meet really interesting people. I have met some truly neat and maybe a bit odd people in the laundromats, but the one thing they all have in common is they all have their own story and are more than willing to share them with mel. I do love a good story. (While we are on laundromats I love the ones that have dryers that actually work. And where .25 last for longer than 5 minutes.)

  2. Flies are the enemy. One or two flies fine and entire village of flies living with you in your van, ENEMY!   

  3. I think of really great Luna Lessons while I am driving and then completely forget them the minute I turn off the engine.  It is really annoying.

  4. I suck at communications and keeping in touch with friends, but I want them to know I either talk about them or think of them on a daily basis. I miss my tribe and I miss the ability to call them up and say “Hey wanna get a beer today sucked?”

  5. Simon never ever looks happy in a picture. For that matter Simon never looks happy unless there is jerky involved. I swear we don’t beat him and I spoil him more than Jayne just because he always looks so sad.  

  6. At least once a week I am shocked that we live in a van. At least once or twice a month the Old Man ask me: “Can you believe we live in a van?”  After 6 months we still can’t believe this is our life for good and bad. Six months isn’t a long time but when the Old Man and I talk about things and words like “Oh that was New Mexico or Oh that was Utah” we realize how much we have lived in the last 6 months.

  7. I miss the water. We haven’t seen a large body of water since Alaska and I miss it. The west is pretty and lakes and rivers are great, but I miss the Gulf. Proof that once we settle it will have to be a coastal state. Landlocked states have constricting feeling on this fish. I have never really lived anywhere for a long period of time where I couldn’t get to a beach on the Gulf or the Atlantic I didn’t realize how much a part of me that is.

  8. My one to grow on---- You need way less than you think. I have given this advice to a few people in the last few weeks who have asked us about van life. Since being on the road we have sent one large box home and made 2-3 stops at the Goodwill with at least two garbage bags of stuff on each trip. In some cases we had stuff for a life we thought we would live and are not, but in most cases it is just stuff we thought we would need or use and just haven’t.  We head home for Christmas and I can only imagine what it is going to be like to go through the stuff we left in the storage unit.

Our mad dash to the east coast is starting with a quick stop in WI to see the Old Man’s family and catch a preseason Packers Game. Heading back to known territory from a van perspective will no doubt keep the lessons coming.

Rapid City Leads To VACATION!!!!!

Luna of the Flies.

Luna of the Flies.