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Luna of the Flies.

Luna of the Flies.

Luna exploded.

Luna exploded.

As expected Sioux Falls, SD was a great town that we didn’t really get to see. Unless you count from the back of an Uber that took us from the glass shop to the co working space. The dogs did get to have some fun in a cool doggie day care for a couple of days.

The good news Luna has a new windshield that was so clean for a millisecond that you couldn’t even tell it was there.  Luna also got her oil changed and her hood fixed so while we didn’t get to see much of Sioux Falls, Luna has very fond memories of the place.

Once Luna was all fixed up, the dogs picked up from daycare the Old Man and I headed for Rapid City, SD to get a bit further west and hang out in one spot for a bit maybe even tour around a little.

However, we had our first real van life issue that was truly truly unpleasant. We were infested with flies!  Our super awesome camp spot on the way for Sioux Falls to Rapid City was beautiful and while files are quite common in South Dakota we noticed Luna had more than her fair share. They were everywhere.

The Old Man being a huge bug magnet was annoyed to no end, and even the dogs were getting a bit annoyed with all the flying creatures. Enough was enough and it was time to move onto an RV Park where we could do some laundry and empty Luna of all or most of our belongings and fumigate. The Old Man found a great place on the way to Rapid City called 1880 Town and when we arrived there wasn’t a single person camping there. It was perfect place to empty Luna and fumigating the heck out of some stubborn flies.

Of course being the only ones didn’t last long and we felt bad as new people were parked next to us and our yard sale white trash van life.  It was really quite embarrassing and in reality quite boring to wait the two hours for the spray to work and then for me to clean all of the surfaces so only the flies died and not us or the pups.  

The Old Man was so fed up he was threatening to burn it all down, but we settled on purging some stuff and washing everything in hot water or with some serious cleaners. Hard to believe that we had three bags of stuff to drop off at the Goodwill.  Amazing how much stuff you can fit into a 19’ van.

Flies killed, Luna cleaned and put back together we had dinner and just crashed, killing flies is hard work. Even the dogs were over it.

The next morning we got up and headed into 1880 town to have breakfast in a train!  After breakfast we headed on into Rapid City so the Old Man can do a podcast and we can bide our time till the eclipse.  I am hoping we get a bit more of adventuring in Rapid City than we did in Sioux Falls.

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