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Montana, Montana, Montana!

Room with a view.

Room with a view.

Whew! We made it to Montana!  We spent the night in Spokane after stopping in Seattle to pick up the Old Man’s firearm and catch up with his friends. Sadly our schedule meant we had to drive through the North of Idaho which looked amazing. Oh well maybe on our next go round. We had to make a pit stop in Missoula so the Old Man could do a podcast but after that we finally made it our goal Helena!  

The Old Man only had one interview in Helena and a few in Bozeman so we knew we would have a short stay.  Thankfully the city of Helena is pretty small (why are capital cities so small?) so the sightseeing was some what manageable even with full work days.

When we first arrived our only goal was to see Cathedral of St. Helena apparently I am on a mission to find all the catholic churches just never on Sunday and never for mass (bad catholic). St. Helena was amazing and so beautiful and peaceful. For a church built in 1908 it looks like it was just built. Not sure if they have done any restoration lately, if not this church has held up well in the west.

We took a free tour of Pioneer Cabin, the first home built in Helena. It is amazing how tiny houses were in the past. Of course once gold was found the town started to fill up with hooligans along with the families. Pioneer Cabin is the start of  Reeder’s Alley  the oldest block in Helena which while a tourist attraction houses actual business offices. I think personally that is pretty awesome.

We were going to go and do a tour of the State capital but someone forgot to take her knife out her pocket so we settled for some pictures outside and took a selfie on the “selfie spot.” The Old Man found a co-working space that is really just the basement of the local cable provider, but it was fun to work in a warehouse and meet some cool people.  They even let the dogs in so win win all around.

After our work day we headed on over to Bozeman so the Old Man could get ready for his crazy interview schedule day.  Knowing he would be busy I made sure to make my Bozeman run count and made my way to Main Street. Bozeman is a bit more active and fun city as it is the home of Montana State University. University towns are always a bit more fun thanks to those pesky college kids. I will confess that I prefered Bozeman to Helena, but they both have some hard core winters so no thank you.

Before leaving Bozeman we did manage to hike the College M trail. It is only a 3 mile trail and I thought it would be fun to get a bit of hiking in, wear out the dogs, before we had a long car ride and all of that worked as it was 1.5 miles uphill.  I called it payback for The Old Man’s Portage Pass hike in Alaska, take that Old Man.

With the dogs worn out we headed up to Glacier National Park. We knew we couldn’t do a great job of exploring the park, but we figured we had to at least explore it by Luna. Glacier Park was crazy busy as one would expect this time of year and on a Sunday, but we just had to do it. Who knows if we will make it back before it melts.

Quick pose for the picture and then get back in the van. 

Quick pose for the picture and then get back in the van. 

The Old Man found a blog that said if you only a few hours for Glacier the best idea was to drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The Going to the Sun Road has a limit on vehicle lengths on most of the road is limited to 21 feet long. Perk of Luna she is only 19 feet long so here we go.  The blog suggested we do the road east to west, but we choose west to east because that is how we were headed and I am glad. While staring over the edge was terrifying for me, but it made for better site seeing.  We had the best day, it was sunny, cool, and clear of forest fire smoke it was a perfect day and I was a bit sad we couldn’t get out and hike more.  National park=no dogs.

On the east side after we were coming down the mountain we ran into a few people who were still coming down from fear of driving “that crazy road”. The Old Man’s comment to me was “I didn’t think it was all that bad, I mean the PCH was worse”.  Oh how we have come so far in what we find scary. We also learned that they predict by 2030 the Glacier will be gone under our current conditions. Which is really sad and a scary thought that one day children will ask: “Why do they call it Glacier Park?”

Again our plans change because apparently life is just making sure we don’t get too comfortable. The Old Man had a podcast he forgot about or in reality though was on a different day on Monday so we booked it from Glacier Park back to Helena because we knew they had internet and a co-working space that wouldn’t mind us coming in with the dogs. OH joy the same road all over again. We weren’t listening to the all knowing Google Maps because we were talking and that meant at least we had a bit longer and different ride, but we did run across a field full of sunflowers that was so amazing.

I swear we are never going to get out of Montana!  The plan is to head out of Helena to Little Bighorn and then get ourselves to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and maybe slow down a bit so we can enjoy the next few weeks before the Old Man’s speaking schedule picks up again for fall season.

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