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Hello Anchorage Part 1.

We made it.

We made it.

HOLY COW WE ARE IN ALASKA!!!!!!  I am still amazed I am living in a van and we actually made it to Alaska. After crossing the border we spent the night at Deadman Camp to rest up for the long drive into Anchorage. Deadman was awesome and I even managed a small run so I could get an Alaska run under my belt. Thankfully no bears, just lots of squirrels and a pretty lake view.

In Anchorage we decided the first night to boondock in the only listed free spot, Cabela's parking lot. Parking lots aren’t pretty, but they work and are easy to manage when all you want to do is stop moving and sleep.  Cabela's is quite packed with RVs and we ran into a few people we had see on the road.

Quick meal and it was time for bed. The Old Man is having a rough time with the sun always being up, I am not sure that bode wells for the next few days. The next day we found the Old Man’s favorite free camping a hotel so he could have a proper shower before his interview with the folks at Visit Anchorage. It also allows us to (thanks to his gazillion hotel points ) not spend money on lodging, but gives the pups a nice place to hang out while we explore a bit. Downtown Anchorage is not very big, but it is hopping in summer with tourist and a few locals who brave the tourist.

First day in we worked quite a bit and then took a trolley ride to get to know the city and learn some fun facts. We were holding off really planning anything until after the Old Man’s interview so that we could get expert advice on what to do from Visit Anchorage. The trolley ride was short and I will admit our guide was not the best, but he did have a few tidbits of knowledge and we did learn a few things about Alaska and Anchorage. Mostly how the earthquake in 1964 dropped half the city a good 3 feet.

The next day we finished up work and headed to the one thing I really wanted to do which was Earthquake Park. This park is the best place to view the land waves created by the earthquake in 1964 and I figured with a paved path it would be an easy walk for the Old Man and the pups.  WOW was this a bad idea. Not taking into account that the day before was nothing but rain we were swarmed with mosquitos (Alaska mosquitoes are HUGE) and if we stopped moving the Old Man turned black with how many he had landed on him.  We decided to cut the walk short and cut through the trees so we could get back to the car faster. Even worse decision nothing but mud and of course more misquotes. The Old Man had a few cool mud slide moves, but Simon and I just laughed as he slipped and slided up one of the hills. Poor Simon the misquotes loved him just as much as the Old Man. Jayne and I really do appreciate that they take the brunt of bugs for us.

Quick shower for the dogs (thank you outside shower) and trashing the Old Man tennis shoes (so much mud) we decided to hit an RV park so we could take proper showers and just relax watching a bit of TV and smoking cigars. The Old Man found a park right in downtown next to the train tracks. TRAINS!!!!!!  Thankfully that had spots for us seeing as it was Fourth of July weekend.

Deet and mud washed off we sat down to a camp meal and few beers to relax and figure out our next move. We were now armed with a ton of brochures and suggestions for The Old Man’s earlier meeting and it is time to plan.  

Anchorage Part 2

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