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Everyday Is a Winding Road.

The road from Jayne's view.

The road from Jayne's view.

HOLY CRAP WE ARE DRIVING TO ALASKA!!!!!!!!  That is the only thing I have been thinking since we crossed the Canadian Border.  I have visions of dirt roads, giant bears, and praying for fuel stations.  The Old Man worked out the math of our drive and figured if we drove 5-6 hours a day we could be in Anchorage, AK in 7 days.  

Windshield time isn't so bad when it looks like this.  

Windshield time isn't so bad when it looks like this.  

Our first day driving was 5 hours after a half day of work. We decided on staying in Boston Bar, BC based of the name and the fact that it was far enough to give us a good head start on our 7 days. The drive from Seattle to Boston Bar was pretty easy and filled with ton of fuel stops, rest areas, and cell service.  We enjoyed all of these things figuring the road was going to get a bit harder as we pushed on.

The place we found in Boston Bar was cute and not crowded at all, they even had a decent size dog run for the pups. Best part was the hot hot shower after my run. It took some doing but I finally got the Old Man out of bed and ready to hit the road. It took breakfast and a bunch of coffee, but we hit the road only an hour later than we wanted and ready for a long day of driving.

The road to Alaska through Canada has some amazing views and we stopped a few times so I could get some photos. We also managed to see some wildlife along the way, mostly bears as they were munching on grass on the side of the road. With no cell service it was a drive that required one audio book and a lot of windshield time as my dad calls it.  We managed to arrive in WhiteHorse YK in time to snag the second to last spot in an RV park so we could have a few beers and figure out what the heck we were going to do for the next few days.  The Old Man had a few work calls and podcast that needed to be done with some decent wifi and I had to catch up on all the work I missed being off the grid if you will.

I managed a decent run with even more wild life (thankfully no bears) just a beaver and some pretty cool birds. We realized the RV Park WiFi was not up to snuff so we headed into town to find the local coffee shop that had rave reviews.  While the coffee was amazing the wifi was less than stellar so we moved onto the local Starbucks. Even then the wifi was not going to handle a podcast web interview.  I made the crazy idea of finding a co-working space and instantly watched the Old Man have a lightbulb moment.  He found one only a few blocks from the coffee shop, that was not only pretty inexpensive, but dog friendly so the pups could hang out somewhere other than the van.

Two days in WhiteHorse and it was time to hit the road. On HWY 37 we stopped for a quick lunch and ran into two other couples in Sprinter Vans. One couple from Georgia was heading up to Alaska as well, but they had the privilege of a longer journey and were doing a bit more exploring. It was fun to meet some other van people and compare our vans. We were the only custom model and we took great pride in that.

I noticed the more we drove the more you run into the same people and with stops few and far between you just keep hopscotching each other. It was comforting to see the same RV’s, Vans, and cars at gas stations and food stops. Tok AK got us next to another sprinter van from Florida, but sadly we didn’t actually get to meet them. But it gave us some encouragement as they were heading back (per the stickers on their van that stated “I survived Hwy 2) and everything looked in one piece.  

The Al-Can is a rough road, but not as rough as it used to be. Luna is a bit shaken and the rode home won’t help, but so far so good. So far this drive has been my favorite and I actually don’t dread doing it again to get back to the Lower 48.

You move you lose dad. Hope you brought your keys!

You move you lose dad. Hope you brought your keys!

Half the fun in getting to Alaska is driving there and the road, people, and stops did not disappoint. Next up Anchorage, Fairbanks, and then above the Arctic Circle.  Say a little prayer Luna survives the ride from Fairbanks to Coldfoot.

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