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Lessons From Luna: How the Road Has Changed My View

I am a city girl, I love the lights, the action, the sirens. I can’t stand to be somewhere where quiet and off the grid. That is how I would define myself if you talked to me on March 23rd. I was excited to embark on our crazy van journey, but I knew who I was and I was ready to try something different knowing that a city somewhere would be there for me, but Luna had a lesson to teach me about who I am slowly turning into.

The Old Man the other day started looking at large parcels of land in Montana and Wyoming and I found myself getting a bit excited. I still couldn’t jump all in because I still love the beach, but I was going along on his fantasy ride and not hating it or telling him he would have to wait for his next wife to enjoy those properties.  

With nothing but time driving in the van lately we have been talking about it a lot more and Seattle kind of showed me a new part of me. I enjoyed going into the city and walking around and all the hustle and bustle was great when I could just sit back and watch it from a window, but on the street all the people annoyed me and all the visual stimulation was getting to me. I realized that while I am not ready to move on 80 acres in the middle of Montana I think I am ready to say I can live on the outskirts of a city. Port Townsend was nice a bit far from the ferry, but after all this time in a van going days without talking to a single person and in some cases only seeing people from afar I have lost that love of the hustle and bustle and now enjoy a slower pace of life. Being from Florida I don’t know how much slower my pace could have been, but it has slowed down dramatically in the last few months.

Living this life has taken away my need to look a certain way, or beat myself up because I am always the one dressed casually or with her hair in a ponytail face sans make up. I have learned that 5 days is my max showerless days but not because of what other people but because that is when I just feel gross to myself.

It is strange that after spending 40-something years identifying yourself a certain way, city girl, that you can change so dramatically.  The Old Man has put up with this city girl  he has always wanted to be in the middle of nowhere or at least a cheaper and smaller town with access to the city.  I am now understanding why he wants what he wants. Life just seems too fast these days. I still need water and the beach so maybe for now we could just own less land in Montana and live near the beach half the time and the middle of nowhere the other half.

I tell you this because my new revelation proves that we never stop growing or changing. You can teach an Old dog new tricks, and it usually good for them.  If you have a desire to join our crazy commune in Montana let the Old Man know he has a few properties on Zillow he would like to show you.

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