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Dirt Dirt Everywhere Not A Drop To Drink

Dirt Dirt Everywhere Not A Drop To Drink

Foggy Run

Good news is that we found a mobile RV repair man and because of that we were able to stick to our schedule, bad news we spent our three days in Salt Lake City waiting around for the RV repair man to call, find the part, and or come and do the work. As we were driving out of Salt Lake on time we realized that we didn’t Salt Lake City very hard or very well.

 We managed to get the dogs to Memory Park for a nice off leash walk in the middle of downtown. But other than that we saw the inside of REI and Petco for some supplies. I managed to get a few runs in on the Jordan River, but we missed a lot!  HECK we didn’t even go see the Salt Lake!!!!!!!  A return trip has to be added, but for now we will stick to our schedule and head off toward Bryce Canyon.

 The Old Man in his wondrous skills found us a place to camp in Red Canyon just outside of Bryce Canyon. Our first night in camp we met another couple doing the exact same thing as us!  Full time RVing with dogs (you can check them out here and on Instagram) The dogs had a little playdate which was desperately needed for all dogs involved.  The Old Man and I were a bit jealous of our new aquantiances as they had been camped in the same spot for 12 days!!!  They had done so many hikes and explored the area so well that the Old Man and I decided with the internet signal so strong we would stay a few more days and figure the rest as we went. Apparently we had a few days with no real plan or pretty loose ones so adding a day or two in beautiful Red Canyon was dare I say divine intervention.

 Friday of long weekend the Old Man and I took a half day and decided to try to get at least one good hike in, and boy did we get a good one in.  I am not sure why I choose a trail named “Birdseye View” but I did and well let’s just say I got to practice my beating my fear of falling anxiety. Simon wasn’t a huge fan of the hike either, but Jayne and the Old Man were right at home and led the way, thankfully they stopped to look back to make sure Simon and I were doing ok. Jayne maybe small, but she is fearless and part mountain goat.

 The dogs were in heaven with three day of no leashes and plenty of chipmunks to chase around. As much as we loved Red Canyon the wind and dirt blowing everywhere, getting on everything, and even changing the colors of the dogs was weighing heavy on us. For the first time in two months both the Old Man and I were over being gross and well, just being uncomfortable.

HooDoos in Bryce Canyon, UT

HooDoos in Bryce Canyon, UT

 When we headed to Bryce Canyon we realized it was a holiday weekend and we planned the next few days not so well. Sure lets hit two national parks in two days on Memorial Day weekend, yea lets do that, sounds like a great idea.   We did hit Bryce Canyon early and since we could really only do a van tour of the park because of the dogs it worked out pretty well considering the number of people in the park. Bryce Canyon was beautiful and we enjoyed our highest elevation of the trip, but we were bit over people and with a stargazing tour booked at 9pm we headed out of the park for a nice quiet place to eat and take a little nap.  

 A bit bummed that we were missing out on stuff because of work, the holiday weekend, and a some poor planning the Old Man booked us a Telescope tour with the Dark Rangers.  The Old Man was super excited and I will admit I was too we were going to get to see galaxies and planets up close.

 The tour started at 9pm we dressed in almost all the warm clothes we owned with temps promising to dip into the 30s and we were prepared to be amazed. If you are in the area I would recommend doing this, the owner and tour guide (if you will) has been a park ranger for over 20 years and did these tours in Bryce when they were free.  He is a wealth of information and he will answer any question and trust me the Old Man asked plenty.   With four or five telescopes going at once everyone got a turn and didn’t have wait too long for any one site.

 I enjoyed the constellation stories and how they pointed out the actual drawings in the sky. The Old Man was (as was most of the group) super excited by Saturn and Jupiter. Just so cool. I mean how often do you get to look in professional grade telescopes?  The Dark Rangers are moving to the other side of the canyon hopefully in Sept and I would totally go back and do it again.

 The Dark Rangers were kind enough to let us sleep in their parking lot so we didn’t have to roam in the dark looking for a place to sleep at midnight.  With Jupiter and Saturn rings on our minds we found our way to dreamland.  Next up Zion National Park and undoubtedly more and more people.

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