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The Emerald City

Tourist fun.

Tourist fun.

After a couple of days with everything seeming to be going wrong we swore that our first day in Seattle, a Sunday, was going to be a do nothing day. We were going to sit in or around the van maybe drink a few beers and just nap a lot. The reality was we had too many errands to run and it was really the only day we had to try and get to Port Townsend.  

My mission to get to Port Townsend was twofold, first bio-mom wanted us to go so we could find her old house and see if they still had the flagstone in the yard (they do), and second I have always had a soft spot in my heart for PT as a perfect place to live, small, but not too small and close enough to Seattle to get there if needed. This view was created in my head of some rose colored memories I had the one or two times I visited my mom and step-dad almost 20 years ago. After our visit I still have a soft spot for PT, but not sure the Old Man feels the same way plus real estate is too expensive (trust me the Old Man checked).  But we had a good time walking the dogs around to find the old house.  Then it was back to the city so we could do a bit of shopping at REI for the some Alaska supplies we have been putting off buying.

Luna on the ferry. 

Luna on the ferry. 

Luna got in her first ferry ride, not cheap, but fun and faster than driving all the way back to the city. After a most expensive stop at REI we were ready to head to the store and stock up on some food and drinks for the next few days. In hindsight we should have stayed at a Park on or near Bainbridge Island and ferried into the city it would have been cheaper than staying in Kent and Ubering in. Plus hello ferry rides for three days in a row.  

Our slow mo Sunday turned into us being out and about from 8AM to 8PM and we were not happy about it. Luna was scheduled for service at the dealer for 7am the next day making us have to wake up at 430am to get ready and get the Old Man and Luna on the road for the day. The dogs and I stayed behind and worked. This is when I realized Simon and I have the same unhealthy attachment to Luna that Jayne and the Old Man don’t seem to have. I miss my van when it is gone!

The next couple of days I went into the city with the Old Man and either worked or explored a bit. I finally got to see the gum wall, not sure why I cared but it was kind of fun, and yes I left a piece of gum. The Old Man working I walked around the Seattle Aquarium and marveled at the different aquatic life. You think oh one aquarium is the same as the next, but when you change coast the sea life is way different and I enjoyed learning about sea animals that I wasn’t used to seeing. Plus the harbor seals are just so darn cute.

After his last interview it was time to have a bit of fun and hit up some of the fun places The Old Man’s co-workers recommended. We ended up in Capitol HIll area (an area I wish we had time to explore more) at the Unicorn Bar it was quite fun. Crazy drinks that are bound to give you a sugar rush and the jello shots are huge and yummy. After a drink and a unicorn dog we headed down to Columbia Center to visit the Sky View Observatory which is actually taller than the sky needle and on this day a lot less crowded. It is really an amazing view of the city and the sound, and I just love watching the ferries go back and forth ( I really do have a strange fascinations with ferries and trains).

It was time to head back to the van and our poor lonely dogs and wrap our heads around the fact that the next afternoon we were going to be heading up to Alaska. We have talked about it for so long that the idea that we are really driving up there doesn’t seem real. Not sure it will until we are there, but there is a lot of driving between now and then.   Wish us luck that we make it and that we don’t kill each other after so much time together in the van.

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