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Holy Wolves Idaho

State #10 of RunExplore. Hello sunrise.

State #10 of RunExplore. Hello sunrise.

The drive from Tahoe to Reno is short, but on this day it was windy as all heck. It is also a very pretty drive and I only got terrified a few times driving down the mountains. Once in Reno I picked up some dog food, got a hot shower, and picked up the Old Man so we could be on our way out of Nevada.

 Google maps will tell you that the drive from Reno, NV to Boise, ID is 6.5 hours, figure 7 if you drive with me who has to pee every hour.  I will tell you that that 6.5 hours is the longest 6.5 hours of your life or at least our lives. I am not sure if we were just tired from the week or if we really just didn’t want to drive, but I swear time went backwards on that drive so much so that the Old Man assumed we wouldn’t make it to Boise that day and that we would stop somewhere and just get in on Sunday.

Idaho City City Hall....so cute. 

Idaho City City Hall....so cute. 

 To our credit we managed to make it there, even when the threat of running out of gas was a real concern.  We stopped in Boise for some food and a beer or two before hitting Walmart for some supplies (read beer). The Old Man found a fun place to camp for the night so we could get up and go for a nice hike the next day. We stayed near Idaho City, which is an old mining town and look like tons of fun to visit, but we arrived late in the day and most things were already closed. We made our way to our campsite, let the dogs run free and set ourselves up for a fun Saturday night in the woods.

 The Old Man had read that the site had wolf, bers, elk, and mountain lion activity so we were sure to keep an eye on the dogs and not let them roam too far. Just as the sun was setting we heard a pack of wolves with their  puppies howling up a storm which totally freaked us out. So the dogs were on leashes and kept close and we built a fire behind us to keep them at bay.  In reality the wolves were probably a few miles from us, but we weren’t all that rational.  

 After all day driving and a really long week we crashed early to the safety of our van. After a late start (read much needed lazy start) we headed down to the Oregon Trail trail we saw on the way into Idaho City.  We knew we needed to head back to Boise and it seemed like a good way to get a hike in without too much trouble.  The hike was easy and flat the dogs could be off leash and we got some fresh air and exercise in.  We can now say we hiked Oregon Trail and didn’t die of dysentery or have a wheel fall off our wagon.

 After a great hike the dogs were tired so it was a good time to stick them in the van with the Old Man while I hit the laundr-o-mat for some clean clothes.  Van life is great, but I still hate laundry at least now there isn’t as much of it as their used to be.

 Our time was short in Idaho, it really is a pretty state, but it is time for the Old Man to head off to Wisconsin and me to Bend, OR. for yet another week alone.  

Heading Around The Bend.

Through The Desert On A Horse With No Name.....ok her name is Luna