We are Gypsies who like it Risky.

Through The Desert On A Horse With No Name.....ok her name is Luna

Think I will pass on the Clown Motel. Solo desert driving +traffic=bored.

Think I will pass on the Clown Motel. Solo desert driving +traffic=bored.

When we sat down with a map and were deciding on a route for Riskypsy, you remember back when my mom was helping us plan and it was actually getting planned. The one thing I said was that I didn’t want to drive through the desert alone. With that the Old Man made plans to fly out of Reno for his DC trip so that we could drive together from Vegas to Reno.

 Life has a funny way of killing all your plans and the Old Man had to revise his schedule to fit in teaching at USF so he ended up flying to DC from Tampa and from Vegas to Tampa, what does all that mean?  Means I got to drive alone through the desert. I know that it is 2017 and driving through the desert in June does not mean the same thing it meant in the 1800s but you know it is really boring and it would have been fun to have someone to talk too and trade off driving.

 The desert in June is a bad idea and I was done with red/brown/hot so I decided to go ahead and take the 8 hour drive from Las Vegas to South Lake Tahoe. I wasn’t excited about it after 4 hours of sleep (and a wee bit hungover) but such is life.  I drove, and drove, and drove. One highlight was stopping for gas at Area 51 truck stop and brothel oh Nevada you are just so much fun.



 The best part of driving through the desert is it is flat and there are no terrifying mountain cliffs. I love the mountains, but man driving up and down them does a number on my nerves.  I wasn’t really looking forward to my trip to Tahoe, in fact I booked an RV park last minute just so I knew I had somewhere to stay and some internet. Which 20/20 was a bad idea and I could have stayed in cooler places, but such is life when don’t plan.

Lake Tahoe---windy windy day.

Lake Tahoe---windy windy day.

 It was good to be back with some green and some trees and where the temperatures were not in the triple digits.  Luna got to mark California off her list of states and I enjoyed some alone time in a very quiet and empty park.  I did manage to make it to see Lake Tahoe (not making the same mistake as Salt Lake City) it really is quite a pretty area, but I was looking ahead to when I was off to Bend, Or and then upwards to Seattle.

 I had a couple of good runs in Tahoe, enjoyed the lake and thanks to a Starbucks got a lot of work done with decent internet. The dogs got to run around a bit and I think they left a few chipmunks behind.

 Riskypsy is an adventure and sometimes that adventure is just getting from one place to the next. We really should head back to Tahoe and do it right, but for now a nice friendly cool place was all I wanted and Tahoe gave that to me.

 I pick the Old Man up in Reno and then we are heading up to Boise, ID for the airport and to check it off the state list as well. With only a week left of speaking gigs until September both the Old Man and I are hoping this time goes fast so we can slow down a bit and enjoy the places we visit.  Plus our adventure to Alaska is getting closer and closer, but for now it is Bosie ID and then Oregon/Wisconsin.

Holy Wolves Idaho

Dam Vegas!