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Dam Vegas!

Hoover Dam-beautiful and functional. 

Hoover Dam-beautiful and functional. 

VEGAS BABY VEGAS!!!  The Old Man has been trying to get me to go Vegas forever, I have been avoiding it because I was pretty sure that Vegas and I wouldn’t like each other. But before the Old Man can get me into Las Vegas proper we stop in and see a Boulder Dam also known as the Hoover Dam.

I didn’t have high expectations for the Hoover Dam this was an Old Man thing he was super excited about it. I figured it was just a dam holding water back and braced myself for all the bad dam jokes. Boy was I wrong (not about the dam jokes). The Hoover Dam ranks in my top 5 things so far, it was truly amazing. The art and design that went into this structure is amazing and the tour and displays gives you a good sense of what it took to build the whole thing. It didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful day, and after a few weeks in the desert the sight of water just made my heart sing.

Since this was a continuation of the weekend of bad planning we arrived when the Dam opened and left just as the crowds were getting thick, thank you Memorial Day Weekend. But if you go make sure to take the tour and stop by the statues to see the night sky in marble on the floor for the day the dam was dedicated. You know just in case aliens are watching (not kidding it said that on the plaque).  Next stop Sam’s Town for some Vegas style fun.  

A place a man can call home.

A place a man can call home.

 We planned a week in Vegas because the Old Man wanted to do a few fun things to insure I enjoyed Vegas so we could come back one day. We stayed in Sam’s Town KOA conveniently located next to the Sam’s Town Casino, if you know the Old Man you realize why we chose this spot.  Sam’s Town Casino is not your strip type casino, but it offered up plenty of Vegas fun minus the tourists and pressure.  The Old Man got to pull his first slot and then was saddened to learn that most of them are computers and you just push a button.

 Sadly we had to work all week so we didn’t get to really explore Las Vegas outdoor activities but we did manage to make it to two shows Absinthe, and Le Reve. Absinthe was my favorite by far, a circus for adults it takes place in a tent in front of Caesar's. I told those who asked (because it is a 21+ show) that I wouldn’t go with my parents, but I would tell them to go see it. We laughed. We sat in the first row didn’t get picked on and managed to stay dry. Le Reve was a great show obviously more high end than Absinthe, and it was truly amazing, but it didn’t leave me wanting for more like Absinthe.

 We ate well because um Vegas. If you ever make it Vegas or Miami you have to check out Yardbird.  Food was yummy southern with a touch of flare, but not too much flare.  The waiter gave us the secret recipe for their bourbon syrup (the only way to eat Chicken and waffles) which I may just give as Christmas gifts this year.  My most favorite meal was at Tetsu it was amazing sushi, amazing veggies (they made me like squash) and just all around good food cooked hibachi style.



 The Old Man had a talk on Sunday so the conference he was speaking at paid for a hotel for him for Saturday and Sunday night, we took advantage and let the dogs stay in their own doggie hotel for the weekend so we have some fun and they could have some dog interaction time.  The Old Man never got why when he went to Vegas for conferences everyone was so excited to get buffett tickets.  After a crazy busy Saturday morning and an hour and half line to check in we decided to see what the hubbub was all about and tested out the Mandalay buffet. It was easy to get too (hello we were staying there) and we could get to our room change and head to the pool with few obstacles. The buffet was amazing I ate more than I needed and it was all so terribly good. We opted for the $7.00 mimosa because you know VEGAS and were pleasantly surprised to realize they like the food were bottomless, who knew. We now both understand why people get so excited for free buffet tickets and look forward to one day scoring some of our own to different casinos.

 After gorging ourselves we strolled up to the room got in our swimsuits and headed to the pool for some pool side beer, sun, and most importantly oh so cool water.

 Sunday I roamed around alone while the Old Man imparted his knowledge on the masses but Vegas is a sad and lonely place when you are touring alone (at least for me on the strip) so I headed back to the hotel after of course making LunaSea M&Ms for fun and 20 bucks.

 The Old Man done with work we headed to our show at the Wynn (Le Reve) and then back to the Mandalay so we could finally make it up the SkyFall lounge and look out at a great view of the strip. Sadly one drink later it was back to our room so we could hit the hay for a 4:30AM wake up call.  

 I did get a short run in on the Vegas strip and that was so much fun, and so many runners. It was really the only thing I had on my Vegas bucket list so a bit hungover and not enough sleep I dragged myself up and down the strip for a few miles. I will confess that I enjoyed Vegas way more than I anticipated and promised the Old Man we could return when we didn't have to work the whole time. There was so much we didn't do that we need to check off the list. 

 The Old Man is headed off to Tampa and Washington DC so I go it alone for a week in Tahoe.

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