We are Gypsies who like it Risky.

Rough Roads

Looks like a movie set to me. 

Looks like a movie set to me. 

Lake Powell early morning run was worth the trouble with altitude I am having!  This place doesn’t look real. We packed up and headed to a very exciting remote working space aka a parking lot near Safeway. Sometimes the life of Riskypsy is not as glamorous as it seems to be on Instagram, but paying the bills outweighs pretty pictures every time.

Fear of falling be damned!

Fear of falling be damned!

 After a full days work we headed off to Monument Valley for some touristy fun, but not without a stop quick stop at Horseshoe Bend for a photo opt. I was very impressed with myself stepping close to the edge to get the picture. I guess the photographer in me was in charge that day and told the fear of falling me to shut up.  Horseshoe Bend was worth the stop but it was crowded as I assume most things will be now that summer is approaching.  

 We made it to Monument Valley late in the afternoon, but not late enough to enjoy the sunset. We tried out the road through Monument Valley, but decided that maybe Luna wasn’t quite ready for such an off road path.  So we turned around and headed off toward Moab, UT to find a place to sleep and maybe get some food in our bellies.

 The Old Man found us a cool spot near Mexican Hat, UT.  In trying to find the best place to camp for the night we learned our biggest Luna lesson yet. Park at the bottom of the road and walk to scope out the rest of the way.  We found a great spot, but the road was rocky and while Luna handled it beautifully our black/grey water valve did not. Rock 1, Black/Grey water valve 0.

Mexican Hat for Luna

 After we picked up our removed parts from the road (leave no trace) we continued up the road, parked Luna and started cooking up dinner. The dogs chased lizards and the Old Man Googled RV parts and repair places on our way to Salt Lake.  I will say the Old Man (much to my surprise) and I handled this lesson with such ease it was quite scary. The reality was there was nothing we could do about it and it wasn’t something that hindered the driving/living/or enjoyment of Luna so why not sit back and enjoy the view.

 Mexican Hat offered up some amazing stargazing even with a few clouds and with the wind not so bad we didn’t freeze our butts off. In the Old Man’s words, “This is Riskypsy done right.”

 The next morning we were lazy sleeping in and letting the dogs enjoy the running around to their hearts content. The plan was to head to Valley of the Gods and then camp somewhere near Moab, UT. What really happened was we past Valley of the Gods and headed to Moab to meet a RV repair guy.  The repair guy was not there and would be an hour more so we decided to go ahead and head up to Salt Lake City, UT. We had already planned on being in Salt Lake City on Sunday, what was one more day?  With more RV repair options it only made sense.

 With the shops not opening till Monday we weren’t in a big hurry so we decided to go ahead and stop at Arches National Park.  We were blessed with great weather, but sadly a large part of the park was closed due to some repairs. We didn’t get to hike any of the trails as they are not dog friendly and in reality we didn’t have the time.  Oh well at least we were there to see it.  

Found lodging in Salt Lake City and the hunt for RV repair shops was on.  Not sure how long we will be in Salt Lake, we are scheduled to be here until Wed. I am hoping that we can stay close to that time frame, but I am not holding my breath.  At least we will get a chance to stop at REI and buy me a proper jacket for these cooler temps.  

 Next up explore Salt Lake City and then off to Bryce Canyon (we hope).

Dirt Dirt Everywhere Not A Drop To Drink

Dirt Dirt Everywhere Not A Drop To Drink

Two Guns Headed West.