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Two Guns Headed West.

Wonder if there are any ghost in this ghost town?

Wonder if there are any ghost in this ghost town?

After breakfast with the Old Man’s colleague we headed back up toward Winslow, AZ so the Old Man could scope out the Meteor Crater (he was super jealous of my trip).  The pups and I took a nap in the van while The Old Man had a blast and did the crater way better than I ever could.

We were hoping to get the Old Man to the Petrified Forest as well, but time ran out so we decided to scope out some camping by the crater and play tourist the next day.  We located a great spot on old Route 66 called Two Guns. An old trading post and tourist stop when Route 66 was at its heyday. Today it is a ghost town with tons of old ruins and some awesome camping.  We weren’t alone on our boondocking, but we found a place away from the others so that all those involved could enjoy a bit of solitude.  The dogs are always fans of out of the way spots as they get to run wild.

After a great night of stargazing and camp food we headed over to the Petrified Forest for the Old Man to experience and then we headed west to the Grand Canyon. On recommendation of former co-worker of The Old Man’s we headed to Williams, AZ to plan for our Grand Canyon trip and the rest of the month.

With my willy nilly approach to the last few weeks we were limited in our options of how to do the Grand Canyon. With the travel gods smiling down on us we managed to book a luxury train ride to the Grand Canyon with a bus tour when we got there. Granted it wasn’t hiking down to the bottom, but the dogs were in a kennel and we could tour the Canyon relatively stress free. The weather was pretty icky, but the Grand Canyon was still amazing. It really doesn't look real and it is a mind blowing experience.  The best part the Old Man and I didn’t push each other over the edge (it was a bit touch and go the day before).

On the train ride home we were “robbed’ by some bandits who oddly didn’t want our money guess luxury class gets you a few perks aside from the free champagne and chocolate strawberries.  After getting back to Williams we picked up the dogs and crashed with another exciting day on the books for tomorrow.

One quick and horrible run, a bit of work, and we were on our way to Antelope Canyon.  We booked a spot at the Lake Powel State Park so the dogs could stay in the van instead of another kennel. On the way to Lake Powell we stopped off at Bearizona after a few excited reviews in Williams we decided we needed to stop. It was well worth the trip. You get to drive through and walk through the park as much as you want once you get in. The driving part takes you past a bunch of animals in their “wild habitat”. We got to see bears, wolves, and some bison and Long Horned sheep. The walking part was quite fun and the animals were all very active as it was early morning. Most of the animals are rescued and were not able to be relocated back into the wild. They have a jaguar in a big cat habitat blessed by Jack Hannah himself. The Jaguar was truly terrifying even with thick glass between us he could intimidate the Old Man and I. Again if you are in the area Bearizona is a must see and their new restaurant is highly rated, we didn’t eat but everyone was excited about it.

The only picture that really looks good. You can see more in Photo Proof. 

The only picture that really looks good. You can see more in Photo Proof. 

Lake Powell was amazing settled in the Glen Canyon area I was sad that we were only spending one night.  We got the dogs settled and off we went to our Antelope Canyon tour. Again we were foiled by not so great weather, but it was still amazing and even with my phone I got some amazing pictures. Next trip we will go in the morning as the colors are amazing, I know only because our guide showed us his own photos (also taken on his phone). Our guide was a Packers fan tattooed and all so he was super friendly to the Old Man and I thanks to the Old Man’s Packer stocking cap. I swear wherever we go the Old Man can find at least one if not more Packer fans, but in this case it got us a good tour guide and some super helpful photo tips so I am not complaining.  

After a huge sushi dinner we headed back to Luna and crashed. Getting up at 5AM everyday is really getting to us, or we are just getting old and can’t stay up late anymore.

Next up is a few days of tourist hot spots and some boondocking in cool places.

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