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Lessons From Luna: 8 Weeks 8 Lessons

Luna on Route 66--where she got her kicks. 

Luna on Route 66--where she got her kicks. 

We have officially been on the road for eight weeks and we have a learned a lot, but oh my is there so much more to learn. So for fun I decided to list the seven biggest lessons I feel we have learned so far. I know there is much to learn like a better work/play balance, but I am a bit fearful of the lessons we still need to learn and that Luna and the world will teach us in time.

We are moving way faster than we want:  With the Old Man’s travel schedule we have been moving through towns and areas of the country with a quickness so we can get to an airport so he can fly away. That sucks. I was hoping to spend weeks in one area so we could explore it fully, but so far this isn’t the case.

Working and playing is harder than we expected:  The Old Man and I are very conscious of the fact that we are still full time employees for very accommodating companies so we are making sure that work comes first.  We have gotten better at work/play and I feel we are only going to get better. We are only asked to work 5 days a week no one has said it has to be M-F.  We both had yearly reviews and we both didn’t get fired. BIG WIN!  

I enjoy my time alone in the van:  I thought being in the van would be scary or boring, but so far I have really enjoyed being on my own and I am far from scared. The pups and I enjoy our bonding time and I am learning how to travel alone with two dogs. Not always easy, but always worth it.  I am hoping to get a bit better of finding cooler (and freer) places to stay when the Old Man is out of town. The only real downside is I get to see some cool stuff that the Old Man just misses out on, guess he can see it on round two.

We are driving more than we wanted:  See #1. Hoping this ends in the middle of June when the Old Man’s travel schedule basically stops.  We can stay places longer and play a bit more at things off the beaten path. Or at the very least we can take our time getting to bigger cities with short drives and more cool places to stay.

We are not free camping as much as we would like: that should change as we get better at it and the Old Man doesn’t need to be near airports. Boondocking gives us a chance to let the dogs run wild, for us to see stars, and well it is free how can you compete with that? Also now that we are out west boondocking is a way easier thanks to the large amount of land and vanlife being an almost normal state in these parts of the US.

Exploring solo is hard with two dogs, but not impossible: I am getting better at taking pictures of cool stuff while wrangling two dogs. Simon is getting better at posing even though it isn’t his favorite thing.  It is tough to do some stuff with the dogs, I would love to enjoy a leisurely lunch on a patio somewhere, but what would I do when I have to pee? (and I always have to pee). Oh well for now we the pups and I will just explore on foot and save the eating al fresco for outside of Luna.

There must be a plan.  So many maps.

There must be a plan.  So many maps.

The first month was planned the second so far has been a bit willy nilly: Planning is a must to if we are to stayed married. Our first month was super planned out because we knew we needed to be in Kentucky on specific dates and my mom helped us plan everything. After Kentucky we just started flying by the seat of our pants. I was ok with that, but that drives the Old Man crazy. The last straw was when we were near the Grand Canyon and had no plans. So we got a hotel and busted out the maps, dog friendly book, and calendar and started to plan.  We are up to our drive to Alaska with the exception of where I will stay when the Old Man is headed back east again. But look out Vegas we have some plans. A compromise was had here, we plan only a month in advance instead of the entire trip. That way the Old Man gets his planning and I get a bit of flying by the seat of our pants. Sorry I just can’t have an entire year planned out!


One to grow on:

I think something is missing!

I think something is missing!

Watch where you go on rocky unpaved road or you may lose a part or two: In an effort to have a bit of fun and let the dogs get covered in red clay we headed off for a nice spot to camp at the Mexican Hat. Well the road was a bit rocky and we hit a bit of snag that ripped off our black/grey water valve. It is something we need, but it doesn’t affect the function of Luna and we still enjoyed our night. It does change our well made plans and we could end up with more time in Salt Lake City than we thought but such is the game of Riskypsy. Thank goodness for the Old Man’s travel and hotel points aka free rent!

Two Guns Headed West.

The Sky Is Falling!