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The Sky Is Falling!

5 minutes from Paris to AZ.

5 minutes from Paris to AZ.

With the crazy heat in Phoenix it was time to head north to the cooler temps while the Old Man headed east to Boston. This trip was going to be the longest I had been alone in the van, I will be honest and say I wasn’t quite sure how I would do. I like my alone time, but with only 36 hours of the Old Man between trips I was ok on my alone time.

As per usual when the Old Man is away I stay in an RV park mostly just so I don’t have to worry about finding places to sleep as that is his job in our van life. This time I stayed about 30 miles outside of Winslow, AZ but only 6 miles from Meteor Crater, which you can guess is a crater made by a meteor (many many many moons ago).  Everyone thought I was crazy to stay in the middle of nowhere for so long, but I was actually looking forward to a bit of time to just work and relax without feeling like I had to go site see. Turns out this was a good thing as it rained (and hailed) the first two days I was there so doing anything outside would have been miserable. The dogs and I just hunkered in the van listened to rain, watched a bit of Netflix, and of course got some solid work done.

Take it Easy

Take it Easy

Finally on day 3 the rain stopped and it was time to get in some exploring. I took the morning to scope out the Crater (not dog friendly) which is truly amazing. This crater is the first crater proven to be from a meteor and not volcanic action on earth, and boast being the most well preserved.  While the weather was a bit overcast the whole thing was pretty amazing, pretty cool to think something falling from the sky at 26,000 mph made this 50,000 years ago.

With the pups in the van I sped through the crater, don’t worry it was quite cool in the AM and well it was a bit early for them to want to be up and about.  After feeling small at the rim of the crater, I headed off to Winslow, AZ and bit of history on Route 66. Winslow isn’t much of a town, but it has a nice little heritage trail that you can walk with your dogs and it pays homage to the Santa Fe Train route!!  So whoot so many trains!  I was in heaven and with the sun finally popping out the dogs were more than happy to burn off some energy.

The pups and I made the obligatory stop at Standing on the corner (or as the pups like to call it Sittin’ on the corner). A few laps around town we headed back to Luna to do a bit of driving history on historic Rte 66 and then headed back to our spot for more work and some food.

The next day was the big adventure and thankfully the weather cooperated, the pups and I drove the hour away to the Petrified Forest, again dog friendly and I was excited to make them hike around and scope out some old trees. I was so excited by the petrified trees, landscape, and the weather that I spent way more time than I expected to traveling the 26 miles from one end of the park to the other.

The pups were well worn out and at some point I just let them stay in Luna while I ran out and scoped out the sites. Sadly I was running low on time so I sped through the Painted Desert part of the park, but I figured that was ok, I would hopefully return at some point with the Old Man.

With my sunburn, tired pups, and work calling I headed back home to finish up work and get ready to head back to Phoenix to pick up the Old Man.  Good news The Old Man is done traveling for a couple of weeks so we are going to head over to the Grand Canyon and other such sites. I can’t wait. Time to start working our way to Alaska!

****Spoiler alert: the Old Man was super jealous of my Meteor Crater tour and Petrified Forest so we headed back that way so he could see it for himself. So yes we headed east to go west yet again*****

Lessons From Luna: 8 Weeks 8 Lessons

Some Like It Hot.

Some Like It Hot.