We are Gypsies who like it Risky.

Rainy Night Blues

With everyone a good 5-7 lbs heavier than when we arrived in Lexington, it was time to hit the road and make our way to Dallas with some sense of urgency for The Old Man’s next work engagement.  We decided that we would head back to Memphis stay two nights and see if we could get in any sightseeing or at least BBQ this time and then drive the long drive into Dallas. The Old Man was kind enough to drive the whole way to Memphis so I could work and not have to take a vacation day just to drive boring old Interstates.

The original plan going back to Dallas was to camp in some free spots in Nashville and then Little Rock, but plans change as they do and Memphis in the Graceland RV park is where we landed.  I think we needed some time to get back in the groove of work and van life after 5 days of no clocks, lots of food, and a whole lot of booze.

Best laid plans. The first day back from vacation is rough and the Old Man and I ended up working the whole day we had in Memphis, and when I found out how much the tickets to Graceland are I decided that was just fine.  We did manage to get ourselves to Marlowe’s for some ribs and well a bunch more food (Elvis ate here).  The best part is we were picked up in a pink limo from our van straight to Marlowe's for the low low price of a tip.  I have to admit that was pretty cool and whole lot of fun.

Gates of Graceland

Gates of Graceland

The next morning I did manage a run and got to see Graceland from the outskirts and that was ok with me, sorry Elvis I just don’t love you enough to pay to go inside.

Of course when I have to drive it is always storming. So of course it was my turn to drive into Dallas and most of Arkansas was nothing but heavy rain and wind.  Oh what fun!  We did stop in Little Rock so The Old Man could make a business call and to see the Little Rock Nine monument.  It was quite moving and well worth the few minutes it was out of the way.


Once in Dallas we set up in our hotel so the Old Man could go get a shave and a haircut (two bits) and have a proper shower before his big talk the next day.  Speaking days for the rest of us consists of sitting in a hotel room me working and the pups napping all day enjoying the space of a king size bed.  I did manage to get them out for a few walks and found a fun place for us to eat dinner aka Velvet Taco.   It wasn’t the fancy mexican the Old Man wanted, but we could walk, and I thought that we would have a few more drinks than we did, oh well best laid plans.

The next day we worked in the AM and then loaded up and headed to the one place the Old Man has been looking most forward too, Red Rock Canyon State Park.  The Old Man was finally going to get to see some stars maybe even the Milky Way. When we arrived at the park we saw the herd of bison that roam the park and had to stop and take pictures even before we checked in. I believe the Old Man said I squealed when I saw them, I am not sure it was a squeal, but I was excited to see them. Simon and Jayne were not so excited about the bison, and voiced their concerns as to their proximity to Luna.  

Checked in we found our spot among all the red clay and rocks. We were both finally happy to have reached some landscapes and topography we are not used too. The sky was a wee bit cloudy, but we prayed it would blow over. OMG were we wrong.  

Around 10pm we decided we would head to bed set our alarm for 3am and see if the clouds were gone, by 2am I woke up and a storm was already raging. Luna survived her first major Texas storm, golf size (per the Old Man) hail and some pretty serious winds.  We were camped with a bunch of tent campers most I think moved to their cars before the storm was over.  

The Old Man and I finally fell asleep around 4am, but he was pretty pissed he missed his stars. I was pretty pissed when I woke up the next morning to 48F and misty.  So not only was all our stuff soaking wet and covered in red clay we weren’t going to get any hiking in that day.  DAMN YOU TEXAS!!!

We packed up, head breakfast at the local diner and headed on down the road to Roswell, hoping against hope to find some better weather or at least warmer weather.   Look out aliens here we come.

Outer Space to The Old West

Outer Space to The Old West

Deep Into The Earth and Then Bourbon, Horses, and SO MUCH FOOD.

Deep Into The Earth and Then Bourbon, Horses, and SO MUCH FOOD.