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Luna Lessons: Expectations, Reality, and Compromise

BSA-Texas for a few hours. Not very sexy but very productive.

BSA-Texas for a few hours. Not very sexy but very productive.

When the idea of driving around the country first in our Prius and then in a van came to be I immediately started to have an idea of exactly what it would look like. It was going to be awesome we would boondock most of the time splurging for a hotel or airbnb when we just couldn’t take it anymore.  We would drive around see cool things, hike all day and relax in the evening looking at the stars and just enjoying being alive. The dogs would be happy to roam around empty beaches, deserts and wooded areas without having to be tied down to Luna.  I would blog, take pictures, and video this grand trip.

The reality has been far from that and looking forward that dream is going to be the exception more than the rule. This reality hit me pretty hard in the first two weeks of this adventure. In fairness the idea of Riskypsy and living in a van was that we wouldn’t be working so life would be simpler. But in order to live this life right now both the Old Man and I have to work and not just freelance work that gives us a bit of flexibility but what some would call 9 to 5 jobs.  So in that vain life is going to be more RV Parks than boondocking which means the dogs are tied to the van to follow RV Parks rules and in most cases when driving from point A to B we are on a schedule and have to take the faster route which is almost always an Interstate rather than a quaint local highway.

Add in the first two weeks of this adventure that we were rushed and just getting to a place as fast as we could. We missed out on a lot of good sightseeing and experiences. The biggest issue is the “we are doing it wrong” mentality that I have and to some agree the Old Man currently has.

What I have to keep reminding myself is there is no wrong way, we are two full-time employees with others relying on us for work and so our van life looks a bit different than a freelancer van lifer or a saved up for this unemployed van lifer. RV Parks are a great middle ground we are usually near wifi, cell towers, and the like, but we can find some that are pretty and offer a good atmosphere for our trip.  We both have a bit of flexibility through the day to take a long lunch and get a bit of exploring in, and we have the weekends that if we have to drive farther or want to boondock we can do.  

This adventure has also pointed out how different the Old Man and I are when it comes to planning and well just life. I am just start and  see how it goes, The Old Man wants the whole thing planned out for the next year.  We have finally found a good compromise of planning out a month at a time. In fairness for those times he needs to fly to an event he has to provide a departing and arriving airport and in many cases it has to be an International Airport.  We have also learned on the road that having calls means being stationary for one call it means a lunch break somewhere for a full day of calls it is we have to be somewhere and set up for the whole day.

These last weeks have been full lessons too many to make a list and many too boring for anyone not us, but we have learned and one of the lessons I am learning is that just because we are not doing it the way others are doesn’t mean we aren’t doing it right. The point is we are doing the way we have too and as time goes and we get better at it, it will change and look a bit different than it does now.

I have always been one to worry that if I didn’t get it right the first time then something is wrong with me, I am just now giving myself the ability to fail a lot at something to really learn how to be an expert.  

For now life will look more like an RV life than a van life, but that is ok. I want to keep my job, I want the Old Man to keep his job, and I want to live in a van so this that is how it is going to be. Many of van life folks have been at this for years we have been at it for weeks, comparing their story to ours isn’t fair to either group.

Working with a view! Finally.

Working with a view! Finally.

On a fun note we have spent the week in Grand Prairie in Loyd Park RV Park and it has been awesome. The Old Man had a bit of mishap so my lone wolf week turned into a lone wolf night, but we have both enjoyed ourselves and still be able to be real life employees.  This weekend we are boondocking and star gazing then off we head for the long way to Kentucky for a bit of a family reunion (can you beleive my parents want to see me so soon?)

LIfe may not always look like you think it should, but it is always exactly what you make of it.

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