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And The Wait Continues

Slow but sure. 

Slow but sure. 

It has been quite a while since my last blog, and by quite awhile I mean an eternity.  I guess the reality is I have been avoiding writing anything because not much has changed since I learned my last few lessons from Luna.

The Old Man and I are still in Florida hanging with my “Rents”, who I am sure are praying just as hard that Luna is ready sooner rather than later. But I think the real reason for not writing is the Old Man and I are a bit mad at ourselves for not planning a bit better.

We were given a time frame from our builder and we picked the earliest date, which as everyone knows is never the date it is ready. So we rented out our house too soon. In fairness we had not had that many nibbles on renters or buyers so when someone said yes we figured a bird in the hand was worth more than two in a bush.

Add the rush to rent and the real life plan of construction and here we sit waiting for Luna to be done and figuring we are never going to leave.

There is a bit of a bright side, this “should” be the week!!!!  We are the to be completed list so it is all hands on deck to get our van out so a new van can be brought in, the Old Man will be in Boston this week which to me equals everything being done this week.  Why you ask, well I know the builders want us out because they want to move along and get more vans in which means more money. And second with the Old Man out of town it means it will be done, but I will have to wait for him to get back to go and pick up Luna (something I am not so good at).  

So for now the Old Man and I are learning a lesson in patience and getting over your past mistakes. We do have reservations for a place our first stop in New Orleans and I can only hope we get a few one nighters on the way there.  

Say a little prayer that Luna is done soon if only so you can save my parents sanity and their yard.

Luna Has Landed.

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