We are Gypsies who like it Risky.

Run Luna Run

Catching up on work before we head to The Big Easy.

Catching up on work before we head to The Big Easy.

As I said in my last article this first week is more like a hectic road trip than the slower Riskypsy life. With the short deadline to get to Austin and San Antonio we have seen way too many interstates and not enough of the towns we have actually stopped in.

After Destin, where the poor Old Man never even got to see the beach, we headed off to Flora-Bama so I could actually hit up the famous bar which I have been trying to get too for what seems like my whole life. Thanks Jimmy Buffett!.  Sadly the original bar Flora-Bama is not dog friendly, but the Flora-Bama Yacht Club is, so we parked Luna in the parking lot and headed in for some lunch and a quick beer.  The pups were so welcome there and I swear every staff member came by to pay their respects. No really I felt like we were the Godfather of dogs.  Our waitress even offered up a few dog parks if we were staying for longer than a few hours, which I thought was nice sadly we were heading out.  

Can we have some please?

Can we have some please?

One of the perks of driving your house is that you can nap in a parking lot.  The Old Man took a quick nap, I ran across the street to the original Flora-Bama to have a beer and to really say I was actually there.  Flora-Bama was fun, but not as a party of one but I can now check it off the list and move on with my life.

After our pit stop we headed off to New Orleans.  Again it was more interstate than fun little highways and the rain added a bit of fun to the mix. We reached our home base for the next few hours exhausted and bit dejected at how Riskypsy is starting out. We opted to eat the bar/restaurant on the park site, which was tasty and they were showing March Madness on TV.

Room with a view.

I think our expectations versus our realities hit after dinner and in total transparency the Old Man and I had a bit of melt down.  The last week had been stressful and now our two week road trip was turning into a 4 day whirlwind. It felt like we were doing it all wrong.  I am sure we violated a bit of the quiet hours in the park, but we got it out! As we learned from Shrek: “better out than in.”

The next morning we woke up refreshed and headed into New Orleans for our one and only meal, we choose Mother’s .  The Old Man scarfed down a crawfish etouffee omelette, cramming as much New Orleans in one meal. I stuck with the classic of a ham biscuit. Both were yummy and I was glad we made the trek into town.  We walked around a bit and then headed back to yet again climb in Luna and head off to Galveston, Tx.   

I am super excited to hit Texas, I get a weird sense of home whenever I cross the Texas state line. I will never understand it and I can’t really explain it, but since little Jen grew up here I think she reappears a little each time I come back.  

I promise soon the rollercoaster will slow down and we will spend more time in one place and have way better stories. :)  

Destination Austin

First Day Down