We are Gypsies who like it Risky.

First Day Down

First night trying to get it all set up.

First night trying to get it all set up.

It is “early” on our first morning after our first official day of Riskypsy, and the reality of what we are doing is slowly setting in. Last night we finally relaxed after one of the most hectic weeks I think I have ever had and we drank champagne given to us from my mom plus a few more beers. For these first few days and maybe more we are sticking to RV parks so we can learn about Luna and life of the road with a bit of a safety net.  

The Old Man is still tweaking our wifi repeater and has to teach me how to use our cell range finder, so living in a park for a week or two seemed the best bet.  Life may not look like an Instagram picture of #vanlife, but it is what our life looks like and I am placing bets our bosses are happy with the figuring out work from the road first and play second.

Yesterday went better than expected, this last week has been if it can go wrong it will and probably take hours of our lives away from us kind of week. But even with all the drama Thursday night all our friends came out to check out Luna and wish us well on our journey. I could tell more than few think we are crazy, but isn’t that half the fun of this lifestyle?  Even if they think we are crazy they were all super stoked we are living our our dream and doing this while we are able.

Yesterday seemed to start off as the rest of the week had been Dad banging on the windows (yes we slept in the van in their driveway) telling us we were already running late. We rushed out threw what was left to go in the van on the bed and headed off to meet Bob for a one last tweak with the TV. With a half hour of work only turning into an hour which was mostly us waiting for clouds to cover the sun so that Bob could get video of the TV for his wife and runner of their website.

Living the life.

Living the life.

We set off westward first stop Miramar Beach or Destin, however you look at it. It was a bit of a haul for the day a total of 10 hours driving, but that just meant I finally got to drive Luna while the Old Man took a quick nap in the back. The only real safu coming when we had to pull off in Quincy, Florida near a cell tower so the Old Man could complete his last call of the day.  Lesson learned for calls we must be stationary to make sure we have cell service!  

Staying at the Geronimo RV Park in Miramar Beach for one night was a good choice. Pull through paved pad waited for us, and everyone here from the office staff to a random gentleman also checking in late helped us get all set up.  The pups are slowly getting used to this change, but require a bit more attention than usual, but that is to be expected. I give them a few weeks longer to realize the van is home and home is everywhere.  

Today we will have to do a few errands and I have to show the Old Man why they call this coast of Florida the Emerald Coast. Then we head off to my own personal Holy Grail Flora-Bama for lunch and a few beers, then off to New Orleans to stay in the RV Resort we missed last week do to Luna’s late arrival.   While the beginning has been and will be for a bit Interstates and long drives with short stays, at least we are on the road and that is all that matters at this point, well that and my parents finally got to sleep in on Saturday morning!

Run Luna Run

Luna Has Landed.