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Luna Has Landed.

Luna on the road.  OMG she is ours!!!!

Luna on the road.  OMG she is ours!!!!

After much waiting and complaining we finally picked up Luna this week from the upfitters!  The Old Man and I were very cautious of getting overly excited about the pick up date, especially when the day before we learned there was a significant issue that needed to be resolved.  In fact we both basically just assumed that Luna wouldn’t be ready for a least a day or two from our new deadline.

We were happily wrong and we only had to wait a few more hours rather than days.  My parents (who deserve a very special place in heaven for the last 7 weeks) drove us the two hours to get her. Dad wanted to check her out and talk to Bob to make sure he thought of everything, and well to just be a dad worrying about his daughter living in a van. The upfront reason they extended this kindness was so that the Old Man and I could drive Luna back together instead of in separate cars.  Go Mom for thinking ahead, because it was fun to get to have our first ride together.

Luna is all we ever wanted. Looking back I could have made some better choices in the design, but she has all the things we need and plenty of storage for what is quickly becoming too much stuff.  The Old Man got all of his electronic toys and they work like a charm and we have to be the only people in the van life community with a 49 inch TV.  The TV and I still are not friends, but it seems to make the Old Man happy and that is all anyone can ask from a TV.  

Now the fun begins, we have Luna, she is hiding in my parents backyard getting loaded up and a few features (hello stick on hooks) that will be useful down the road.  I am freaking out about where to store everything and we have to have her up and ready to go for her big party on Thursday not to mention our early AM departure on Friday.

This dream has been so long in coming that it is hard to believe it is here, and the van seem to take forever to be ours and now that she is here it is hard to process we are really leaving.

I am still a bit concerned about my running, but that will work itself out, but I know we can work thanks to the Old Man's pre planning so I guess that is all that really matters.  There is so much to learn and so many questions we answer when asked but in reality have no idea how we are going to handle. Life is definitely about to change for the good, the bad, and most likely the ugly, but I am excited for all of it (note to self reread this sentence when the ugly appears).

I hope you will follow along on our journey via the blog and some videos (a skill I am working on).  The Old Man is going to create a video detailing our electronic set up in more detail in case you feel the road calling but still need to pay the bills. Please follow along and if you have any tips on certain areas we are all ears.

Someone please save us, we don't want to live in this.

Someone please save us, we don't want to live in this.

First Day Down

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