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More Lessons from Luna


In the first few weeks I learned a lot from our new van Luna, but now that more time has past I have learned a few more lessons and some of them are really tough ones to learn (aka throwing my own adult temper tantrum).  

Even more and some cases harder lessons from Luna:

  1. WE HAVE A LOT OF STUFF.  It is amazing how much stuff a household for 3 (the Old Man and I had a roommate) can have. In paring down from our 1200 sq foot house to a Sprinter van we needed a 10 ft U-Haul to drop all our donations off at the Goodwill. This was even after a few friends and one stranger took a lot of our big stuff ie: couch, king size bed, etc. It is amazing how much stuff you can shove in what most people would call a small house.  We rented a storage unit to hold things that have sentimental value but wouldn’t or didn’t need to go into the van.  I am not ashamed of our storage unit, I know our van life journey is not forever and at some point I am going to enjoy my Mama Dee’s lamp again in a cute apartment or house.  

  2. On the flip side of the coin we still need some stuff to complete our van living. The Old Man and I have decided to wait until we actually have Luna to make any purchases, but I know some are coming seeing as at this moment we have no kitchen items except for my iron skillet.  So while we trucked an entire u-haul to Goodwill we still need to buy more things. Good news is that now when we buy stuff we are buying the bare minimum we need and we will pick up stuff as needed on the road. The Old Man stated on the ride over to Goodwill after a very long and stressful day that from now on anything we buy will have to be discussed in a family meeting and I couldn’t agree more. We buy so much without thinking or really needing. Luna will not allow that and I am grateful we are working on becoming more conscious spenders.

  3. The Old Man is always gone the week before a big move!  Ok maybe always is a strong word, but this is the 3rd time that the Old Man has missed the week before we had to be out of wherever we were living.  Normally this isn’t a big deal as I am the one who packs and he's the one who gets the boxes from A to B, but this time we had three things happening with one move. We had to move out of our house, we had to put things in storage, we had to pick stuff we needed for Luna and I had to keep stuff out so that when we were at my parents house we had clothes and such.  It was all very stressful.  This move was the worst move we have ever had (and we are really good at moving) and the reason it was a bad move, timing, rushed, and well I just didn’t treat it like a “real” move so we have so much stuff in trash bags and random boxes that I am not sure I can even tell you what we kept and what we gave away.  

  4. Amidst all the frustration of moving into a temp home and packing for our new home there was a lot of fear and a lot of excitement.  It is amazing to me how you can be so excited about something but also completely terrified of it.  It is a fun feeling to be honest because for once in my life yes I am afraid of what van life has in store, but I am way more excited to get on the road than I am afraid of being on the road.

  5. I may be in my mid-forties (ouch) but I still let new things scare me. I received a GoPro from Santa this past Christmas with hopes of being able to video some of our Riskpsy adventures.  I have made a few videos, but I will be honest I am terrified of my GoPro and editing software.  I have been taking pictures for quite some time so I figured the switch to video would be easy, but I have been a big baby about learning.  I am letting my perfection attitude take over and not allowing myself to learn and make some really terrible videos.  I need to snap out of that sh*t and start practicing so that I can make some kick ass, jealousy inducing videos on the road.  

  6. One of the odder things I have learned about myself: I have a strange attachment to my winter running gear. I am no fan of winter, in fact you could say I hate winter, so why would I have this attachment. I gave away things I have had for years without a second thought, but when it came to sorting out running gear my winter stuff just kept on hanging on. I don’t know if it is because that running gear and I faced a lot of adversity in early 2015, or if I am terrified I will be cold on this adventure.  If I am to be truly honest a lot of that gear is sitting in a box in my parents garage waiting for Luna and while I know most of it will not fit I refuse to get rid of it until that moment when I know I have no choice.  But really this is such a strange thing to be attached.

  7. Construction deadlines seem to be always moving and never in the good way. The Old Man and I pushed the deadline of when Luna would be done in our mind a bit and we readily admit that, but when we got the news that our new date is two weeks later than we expected.  The timeline fits into the expectations set by our builder, but we didn’t listen and we didn’t plan so well for two solid weeks of being without a home.  Thankfully I have the best parents in the world and they are letting us live with them until the van is ready.  It is not something I am proud of, living with my parents, but at least this way when the Old Man and I hit the road they will cheer our leaving instead of being sad.  We can only hope at this point that Bob and his team finish faster than they thought, but we certainly don’t want them rushing and building a subpar van.  Again this delay just shows me that no matter how old you get when you want something and you have to wait longer than you thought you become a two-year having a temper tantrum.  I WANT LUNA!!!!!!

Hard to believe that we have taken even more steps to finally living in Luna, and we have a few more to go but I have no fear that the lessons we learn between now and life on the road will continue if only to teach me patience.

And The Wait Continues

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