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Luna Lessons So Far

We have floors and walls!!

We have floors and walls!!

What I have learned (so far) in prep for a life on the road. I know spending a year or maybe more living and working in a Sprinter Van with the old man and the pups is going to teach me a lot, but I was ready for the lessons I have i already learned.

The few lesson I have learned so far:

  1. I buy things without thinking way more than I ever realized. Maybe it is just the holiday season and cute Christmas stuff catches my eye, but man I really do want to buy stuff I don’t need a lot. I have to remind myself almost constantly while shopping that in a few short months I will be living a van and we will be giving away all of our stuff. It is a lesson I am actually glad to be learning for life after the van.

  2. Holidays are a really bad time to sell/rent a house around the holidays, even though that is when I bought the house. This is kind of a no brainer, but we bought our house this time of year so I held out a bit of hope.

  3. People are more open to the idea of packing off and taking off than you think. I spent an entire Christmas party talking to so many people about our plans and all of them were so excited and/or jealous of the plan. The biggest concern I heard was “What about the dogs?” I explained they we coming along and all was good.

  4. 2 feet is a lot of space. 7 inches is a lot of space. Insert bad jokes here. Our upfitter found us 2 extra feet when drawing out our plans, can you say storage? A few days later we lost 7 inches on something else and we really had to think hard on if we were willing to lose that 7 inches.

  5. Bob is our new favorite human.  (he is the one building out our van) And he is really funny so it makes the whole process that much better. He is also full of great ideas most of which we never even thought of. Love Bob!  

  6. Looking at plywood and electrical wires has never been so exciting. We got our first pictures of Luna with her insulation subfloor and electrical run in a week ago and the Old Man and I were so excited we could barely stand it. We showed everyone at Christmas dinner. We had to keep saying this was only the beginning but to us it was proof this is really happening.

  7. My biggest concern with all of this is the logistics of running. I mean where will I run, with limited showers how bad am I really going to smell. I run. I hate running and we have a up and down relationship, but it is as a part of me as being female. I must run, I love running in strange places. I am sure I will figure it out as we go, but for now it is the one thing about all of this that keeps me up at night (oh and #2)

Seven lessons seems like a fair amount seeing as it has only been 3 weeks since we dropped off the van. I can only imagine what lessons are to come, but I am looking forward to all of them the good and the bad.


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