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Memphis Round #3


Apparently Memphis is the one town the Old Man and I just can’t seem to get enough of, at least on this side of the Mississippi. We ended up in Memphis for a third time so that the Old Man could impart his wisdom on to the creative art non profit folks, and so he had a place to fly into and out of for yet another international trip.

Of course the first part of our trip I was still feeling pretty icky so we didn’t do too much exciting stuff. After driving in from from St. Louis we canceled on the Old Man’s sister and her family and moved dinner to brunch the next day hoping for the best. I was starting to feel like I would never feel normal.

My not so great picture of the ducks. I think I need my photo creds revoked.

My not so great picture of the ducks. I think I need my photo creds revoked.

Brunch at the Peabody was pretty cool and amazing at least by everyone else’s plates. I stuck with some toast and ventured into a yogurt parfait, thankfully The Old Man’s three nephews made up for my lack of eating. After brunch we headed over to the lobby so we could watch the ducks come to work. Again thanks to the nephews I got to sit right on the red carpet with the boys and help them control them not touching anything, pretty tough for boys.  Even though I had a front row seat, my pictures didn’t turn out so well. But it was still fun and watching the boys watch the ducks was pretty cool.  

After the ducks the Old Man headed off to get his haircut and I went to do laundry. Oh the joys of laundry day, but it is one of the only times I am ever on my own no pups, no Old Man, just me and the crowd at the laundromat.

The next morning I attempted a run through downtown Memphis. It was pretty and I loved running along the riverwalk, but my body was pretty much against me having not fully recovered from not eating and being sick.  Oh well at least it was pretty and I made it back to the hotel in one piece, there was some question to that during my run.

I broke out Luna from the oversized parking lot and headed off to my home across the Mississippi for the week. The Old Man did his speech and then flew off to Romania because he just can’t get enough of long flights.  

The Mighty Mississippi

The Mighty Mississippi

I choose to stay at the RV Park that the Old Man and I stayed in the first time we made it to Memphis. I had a front row seat the mighty Mississippi and I parked myself and the pups for the week.

One of the joys of being on my own is that I only have to deal with my work schedule and that means I get to stay in one spot even if the wifi is a bit slow. I had the best time working in the sun watching the riverboats going up and down the Mississippi. The park had a 1.5 mile wooded trail that the pups and I explored every day which wore them out and got us a bit of nature in the process.  Plus it was just nice to be in one spot for a bit of time and get into a routine.

One late night I ventured to the Memphis airport to pick up the Old Man, he was excited to be home but exhausted from all his travels.  Luna has made a few airports upon this trip and each time it is a concern if she will fit. So far so good!

With a day to play around we left the RV park and headed into to Memphis proper to explore a little and get some BBQ. We stopped at Cafe Keough for some coffee and to wait around until football was on and it was socially acceptable to drink beer.

Bardog Tavern was our stop to drink a beer and watch some football before we could get into Rendezvous for lunch. Oh my Rendezvous, the ribs were heaven on a bone and the Old Man and I sucked ours down in record time, I guess it was the first real sign we were over whatever ailed our stomachs. After I picked up some spices for mom and friend it was time to hit yet another bar and watch football. (we really like beer and football).

Memphis from above.

Memphis from above.

We decided we had to venture up to the Bass Pro Pyramid observation deck, which has a $10 admission but comes off when you eat at their restaurant. The view was great the restaurant not so much, but we did it and now we can check it off the list.  Amazingly we walked out of Bass Pro with only our doggie bag, something I never thought possible.

After a very busy Memphis day it was time to call it a night and plot our trek to Nashville to meet up with the ‘Rents.  Next up Nashville and Turkey Day.


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