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Luna Lessons: Random Solo Thoughts

Luna in the wild.

Luna in the wild.

With the Old Man out of town a lot the last few weeks I have had quite a lot of alone time. I won’t lie I needed it, but it also tends to make my mind wander.  But I have learned a few things while I have been on my own this go round so I figured I would share because who doesn’t love to hear my random thoughts?  

  • There is an Electric Avenue in Oklahoma. I did not rock down to it, but I saw the sign and I think that is enough.

  • “Hitchhikers may be Escaping Prisoners”  scary signs you see on the side of the road when driving by a Prison.  Even scarier to see this sign at night in the dark when you are vanning alone. Also one of the reasons my 2 hour drive to a cool free spot turned into 5 hours and a Casino parking lot. I wimp out of camping 9 miles from the prison.

  • I can not for the life of me spell museum.  Thank goodness for spell check or y’all would see how bad and how many different ways I spell museum.  It is crazy, you would think after a few times I would learn, but nope just keep on spelling it wrong.  (and yes I had to use spell check for this bullet point).

  • I miss baking. There isn’t a lot I miss about a house, but I do miss being able to bake. It was a nice stress reliever, I enjoyed finding new dog treat recipes and the occasional batch of human cookies was always fun. For now I live vicariously through those on Pinterest and local pet shops with homemade treats.  

  • Missouri is really pretty in Fall. The Old Man and I missed a lot of Fall color in New England because we had to hightail it back to Florida for Luna’s repairs, but I got to enjoy Fall at its fullest driving around Missouri and it was really pretty. So yay Fall and now it is time to hurry back south to avoid cold temperatures.

One to grow on.

  • Food poisoning/stomach bug and #vanlife (or a 12 hour international flights) do not mix well.  The Old Man spent a very long plane ride from Istanbul to Chicago with his food poisoning and it was a rough ride. Mine was in the van and it wasn’t all that fun. Van life has many many perks, but when you get sick any kind of sick it really just stinks.

Too much time alone leads to weird and random thoughts while I drive, I promise I saved you from some of the weirdest ones from my notes. I also saved you from some of the deeper ones because they needed a bit more time to kick around in my head and most likely real paragraphs and not just bullet points.

Missouri putting on the Fall show.

Missouri putting on the Fall show.

Memphis Round #3

Missouri #49!!!!

Missouri #49!!!!