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Killing Time in Oklahoma City.

Sunrise Hunter's park.  Hello old friend.

Sunrise Hunter's park.  Hello old friend.

With the Old Man leaving out of DFW and me wanting to get away from my mother we had this weird paradox where we had too little and too much time on our hands.  We had talked about going out to Big Bend, TX to stargaze, but as with everything Texas it was too far away from Dallas that it would be too hard to get there, stargaze, work and still make it to DFW for the Old Man’s flight. But we had too much time to just stay in Dallas and wait.

So we compromised we headed up to Granbury, TX to boondock in the first place we ever boondock, Hunter’s Park. It was still fun, but it lost some of its luster through our well traveled eyes.  

From Hunter’s Park we headed over to Dinosaur Valley Park for some hiking and dinosaur tracks. The park is really quite small, but the dogs had fun hiking and we nerded out about the dinosaur tracks. The dogs (read Jayne) really enjoyed splashing around in the river even though it was a bit cold, Simon really wanted to follow his sister, but he just couldn’t get into those frigid waters.

We decided to stay in a RV park in OKC so that we could tour around a bit easier and with freeze warnings we wanted a bit of heat in our lives. Our night in Hunter’s Park was a bit chilly and getting out of bed was hard no need to relive that again.

We didn’t have much time in Oklahoma City and I can only handle so many museums so the Old Man and I compromised on the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum. The Old Man had done a quick run through when he was in Oklahoma for a Mason thing, but he was willing to go back and give it a better tour.  But before any museums we had to eat, the Old Man choose Cattleman's SteakHouse for breakfast. It was pretty cool and a stable of Oklahoma City, or so we are told. Food was great, but the portions are HUGE!  

Survivors Tree (survived through urbanization and the explosion. Amazing!

Survivors Tree (survived through urbanization and the explosion. Amazing!

All I can say about the museum is WOW!  It is very emotional and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, but it was just amazing. I am not a huge museum person but this one got me. It is very interactive, and they follow the timeline with enough speed that I didn’t get bored, but I feel I got a good handle on the whole situation.

Kudos to Oklahoma City residents, the residents of Oklahoma, for how they responded to this tragedy. I don’t know much about Oklahomans, but from this exhibit I have nothing but great things to say about them.

After a very emotional tour we decided to walk on down to Bricktown for a beer. The walk helped us process what we just saw, the beer got us out of our heads and back in Sunday Funday mode.  OKC has a riverwalk much like San Antonio and we spent some time there drinking (of course) and enjoying the weather (hello 80s in late October).

Monday saw us working in the AM and then starting our journey back to Dallas so the Old Man can fly away.  It has been so long since the pups and I have been alone in the van I am a bit nervous how we will do. In fact I haven’t made very good plans for this adventure except to know that I have to work, and get to St. Louis, MO to meet the Old Man.  It is basically the Old Man’s worst nightmare, but I am having fun with it.  Wish us all luck and I will see you in St. Louis.

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