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Luna Lessons: Just Roll With It.


With some maintenance issues we learned yet again that living van life means having to roll with whatever is thrown at you, even when it messes up your very well laid plans. With a 23 hour drive from Boston to Tampa I had plenty of time to think of some lessons learned over the last few weeks.

  1. McDonald's coffee is better than Starbucks and cheaper. Starbucks may have the branding, but the reality is (in my opinion) when comparing the two McDonald's wins and for only dollar how can you go wrong when you are on the road and need caffeine (so much caffeine).

  2. I have a small desire to open a bookshop in a small town. This is because of a bookshop for sale in Belfast, ME.  It reminds of every Gilmore Girl episode. Why a small desire, because I know what Maine winters are like and I have no desire to run my own business. Maybe I could just win the lottery and then buy it, run it and close it during the off season. Best of both worlds right?

  3. You can wave at some Canadian co-workers from the Old Niagara Fort.  Well at least via Slack and some pictures.

  4. With a bad memory the Old Man reads my blog just to remember what we did. Sadly I haven’t been doing so well on writing them so he is a bit at a loss of what we been up to since Maine.

  5. There are way too many lawyer billboards. Interstates, highways, back roads, everywhere so many lawyer billboards. Do they really need to advertise that much?  Maybe they could learn some inbound marketing skills and save us on the road the eyesore of their ads.

  6. I still really miss Alaska. I know it is cold there(12F now) and dark, but I miss summer Alaska.  At this point I am sure it more nostalgia for time gone, but I really really want to get back soon.

  7. It took me way too long to realize I should write down my Luna Lessons as I think of them through the day. Yea I have all these great thoughts and then yell at myself for forgetting them. UH DUH write them down, not like I am not on a computer everyday or carry a journal around everywhere. I have learned and now I write made doing this list a whole lot easier.

One to grow on:

  1. People keep telling me to write a book about this adventure. Before we left I published my first book, and everyone asked me if I am going to write one about this adventure. I smiled and said sure. As we have gone along and run into friends who have read my first book (thank you friends), they have told me I should write another book about this adventure and our view of van life. I agree to some degree because I feel we have a side to tell, but I am not sure what to write about, or if anyone would really even read it and that includes my friends.  I also have a bit of fear of being a bit too honest about this adventure and scaring myself. Who knows, I am sure I will try to write one, but since it took me 3 years to write the last one I am not sure it will be relevant to publish by the time I am done. I mean this van life lifestyle craze can’t last forever, can it?

Life on the road has its ups and downs as does any life, but I have learned so much about myself, the Old Man, and America that I wouldn’t change the downs for anything. And well the ups I bet you can guess how I feel about them.

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