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Luna visits Hubspot

Luna visits Hubspot

Hello is this thing on?????  It has been so long since I have written a blog, in fairness life has moved pretty fast and slow (yes at the same time) the last few weeks. I know they say you can’t go home again, but sometimes it is really nice to be somewhere where everyone knows your name.

After our fun in Maine it was time to head back to Boston, we spent a few nights in New Hampshire to kill time and to smoke some cigars at the Old Man’s old haunt of Two Guys. We found a pretty cool RV park in Hampton Falls, NH where we could grab some power (more on that later) and take a shower. Plus after a lot of nights in parking lots it was nice to have a place to call home for more than one night.  Added perk, I got a 3 mile run in without ever leaving the park. Ok maybe that is only exciting for runners.

We hit New England at the same time as Irma and we didn’t get to see the sun for over a week, hence the need for power. The Old Man and I were starting to remember why we moved away from New England, oh the gray days. But it was fun to know how to get places without GPS.

Van life is great, but since Irma the Old Man and I have been a bit homesick for family and friends and Boston was a good start to meeting up with old friends. It was a bit odd to be back in Boston and not really be back. Sure the Old Man and I have visited on vacation but this was different.   

Fetch playtime.jpg

We stopped in Chelsea at our old doggie daycare to say hi to those amazing ladies. Simon and Jayne were so excited to see them, that the Old Man and I may never forgive them for being so happy. But it was great to be able to drop them off at daycare and not have to worry one bit and to catch up with the ladies and where all our doggie friends have ended up.

We saw friends new homes, killed zombies with our friends, and enjoyed just being in one place for a full whole week. We even scored a trip to the Vineyard with our friends and my new favorite person, Baby W.  I do love the Vineyard and I love it best “off-season”.  Aside from the gently rolling hill 10k Mrs W. talked me into running the Vineyard was nice and relaxing.

Let’s go back to that power issue. We blamed a week of cloudy days and no driving as to why we couldn’t hold a charge, but after a few sunny days and still no charge we realized something was up.  Long story short after a few text and pictures to Bob, we were on the long drive home for some warranty work. The pups missing out on ten days at the farm and the Old Man and I having a fun in Tampa without doggie responsibilities was sad, but better safe than sorry and a three months without power could have been a bit rough.

The Rents out of galavanting around Europe we had a cozy place to stay and some pretty cool cars to drive while Luna was getting repaired.  It was so great to be home!  I miss my friends and it was great to see them and actually hang out with them for more than a few hours.

The Old Man and I decided to head out to Mad Beach for our last weekend. Once we moved to Tampa we never really made it out to Madiera Beach and we missed it.  Luna all fixed and holding power it was time to get back out on the road. Next stop a quick visit with the Old Man’s friend in Pensacola and then onto New Orleans to actually play tourist.  

Luna Lessons: Just Roll With It.

All The Maine!!!!

All The Maine!!!!