West Coast

The first thought you probably have when you see the word Riskypsy is what the heck is Riskypsy and how do you pronounce it.   Both understandable thoughts and I hope I can answer both of those questions for you.

How do you say it?

To be fair, however you say it is how it is said, as a person who learned to spell back when Phonics were the way to learn to spell, I get that some words look one way but are said another. So say it however your eyes, mind, and -- most importantly -- your heart wants to.  This band of gypsies pronounces it the following way: Ra-skips-see.

What is Riskypsy?

The Old Man’s company HubSpot is infamous for taking two words and making a new word and well I (the Hussy) have a tendency to make up my own words for things or just forget how to properly pronounce words and then just keep using the wrong pronunciation.  I like to think it makes me quirky, in reality I probably need to see a doctor about my lack of memory and issue with getting things from my brain to my mouth.  But that is a different story for a different time.

Riskypsy what the heck it is it?  Riskypsy is a combination of Risky and Gypsy both words that The Old Man and I used a lot on our move from Boston to Nashville, TN way back in 2012.  The move was a huge risk for us as a family and for The Old Man’s career.  We had moved 2 times before this move (one being from Florida to Boston) and the 2nd one we only stayed in the apartment for 2 months.  My father always likes to remind me that we come from gypsies (way way back in our family history) and The Old Man is prone to saying that since he got me out of Florida my gypsy blood had bubble up to the surface and made me a bit restless.  So we named the U-Haul we drove Riskypsy and the word was born, but Riskypsy is more than just a word (or a U-Haul), it is an idea, a way of life, a view on the world.  For us Riskypsy is the idea is throwing caution to the wind and saying yes to that wild idea or crazy dream.